EVIDENT SCAM: Crypto Edge System review

Crypto Edge System official webIn this review of the Crypto Edge System we explain why this program is a scam that won’t earn you any money.

Crypto Edge System supposedly is a trading software created by professionals. It trades cryptocurrencies with an alleged win ratio of 99.7%. Thanks to this it is supposed to make you at least $700 per day.

Crypto Edge System is free, so can you really get money for free?

Crypto Edge System scam

Unfortunately, Crypto Edge System is just another scam that won’t make you any money. In fact, it will lose your money.

Fake testimonials

Fake reviewsIn the Crypto Edge System video you can see a few people endorsing this trading system, they claim to be making money with it.

But all these reviews are fake, they were made with paid actors. Take a look at our picture and you will see a proof.

Impossible numbers

These numbers are liesCrypto Edge System is supposed to have a 99.7% win ratio. We have been trading for 12 years and we can say for sure that no trading system in the world can have a 99.7% win ratio. This number is just impossible.

We are absolutely certain, and other experienced traders will confirm this to you, that anybody who promises you such a win ratio must be a scammer, there is no other way.

Illegal and anonymous operation

Another thing you should realize is that providing an automated trading software equals to providing investment advice. This is a regulated activity in most countries and requires a licence.

Not only Crypto Edge System has no licence, it is also totally anonymous, you will find no real contact information. So it is illegal.

How it really works

Binary options termsWhen you look at the Crypto Edge System risk disclaimer, you will find that this program is about trading binary options. It is another proof that it is a scam, because there are no binary options for assets like Dash, Ripple or Ethereum.

What will happen, is that after registering Crypto Edge System will agressively push you to deposit money with an unregulated broker. They will say that you need to do that in order to start earning with their software.

The real reason is that they are getting paid by the broker for referring new depositors. This is how they earn money. But if you deposit with them, their software will then lose your money in trading. End.


Crypto Edge System is a scam that abuses binary options and cryptocurrencies. It is designed to lose your money, so stay away from it!

If you are really interested in crypto or binary trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

It is possible to make money in trading, but you first have to learn, test and build a profitable strategy.

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