bit2XPWe reveal in this review that bit2XP is a scam, and not a genuine investment opportunity.

Bit2XP is run by a company called Expert Leaders. This company claims to be trading cryptocurrencies with substantial profits. People who are not experienced in trading are invited by this company to let it trade for them.

There are several investment plans, the best one allegedly can make you 3% daily on your investment, which is 90% per month.

bit2XP scam

Investment plansUnfortunately, anything offering steady 3% daily returns is a scam. Certainly in crypto trading. There is no trading system that could make this kind of returns.

And you have to remember that it is 3% net for you, plus there are referral commissions and the company would not do it for free, so the real returns would have to be well above 100% per month, which makes it an even more obvious scam.

This is an easy way to spot scams, there is no free money and tens of percent per month and every month are impossible in current market conditions.

Illegal project

The company is not authorizedWe made a quick research about company Experts Leaders which runs bit2XP. This company is registered in the UK, but only for a few months.

What is missing is an authorization form the FCA to provide investment services, which makes it an illegal project.

How it really works

We can see that bit2XP is a typical Ponzi scheme. This means that money is collected from the public and some of it might be redistributed on withdrawals just to make it seem real. But the system will quickly run out of money and shut down.

It will be quick, they will provide no explanation and money will disappear. This is why you should stay away from these programs.


bit2XP is a typical scam, it cannot last for long before it collapses, stay away from it!

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, try it on a free demo account. You will see what profits are achievable and what it takes to really get them.

Don’t forget that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful and responsible.

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