EXPLOSIVE SCAM: Avelon review

This Avelon review deals with this cryptocurrency mining scam that is after your money.

Avelon reviewAvelon is supposed to be a program for cryptocurrency mining. You purchase hardware power defined in GH/s and then it will run mining software to make you money.

Daily returns can allegedly surpass 4%, which is a very high number that would mean that you could more than double your money in one month. Is it true?

Avelon scam

Avelon scamNo, you cannot double your money with Avelon in a month, because it is a scam. The reality is that it has never been possible to make several percent daily in cryptocurrency mining, let alone now when crypto prices are relatively high and mining costs too.

It is as easy as that, when you see 1% or more daily from any investment or mining program, you can be sure that it is a scam.

Avelon runs no mining hardware nor software, there is no legitimate or legal activity behind this, just an illegal game with money.

How it works

The Avelon scam works like this: It promises high returns, people deposit money and deposits are used for payouts.

As you can guess, this can work only as long as more money is deposited than withdrawn, then it will collapse. The collapse is inevitable and Avelon is doomed to fail, because it plays this dirty game that is often called Ponzi scheme.

Therefore you should stay away no matter the circumstances, because you can never make legitimate money with these programs.

Avelon review conclusion

Avelon is not a crypto mining program, it is a scam, stay away from it!

Crypto mining is still barely profitable, but you can try trading instead. Start on a free demo account to see how it works, if you can build a profitable strategy and what the risks of trading with real money would be.

In trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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