EXTREME SCAM: Crystal Financial Consultancy review

This Crystal Financial Consultancy review (CFC) review is a warning about an illegal clone of a regulator.

Crystal Financial Consultancy reviewThe website of Crystal Financial Consultancy looks like it belongs to a company that is focused on financial and investment advice, maybe also doing recoveries and some regulatory activities.

It seems that the company will offer you help with your investments and funds recovery. But it is all very confusing.

Crystal Financial Consultancy scam

Crystal Financial Consultancy scamWhen we first saw Crystal Financial Consultancy’s website, it immediately felt very familiar to us. And there is a good reason why.

Because it is a copy of the AMF website, which is the French national financial regulator. There are also some elements from the FCA’s website, which the British national financial regulator. We often consult these website when doing our research and reviews.

This triggers a huge alert because when somebody is trying to impersonate a financial regulator, you know it is a scam of the worst kind. Because this kind of scams often focus on other scams’ victims, promise them recovery of their money, but scams them a second time.

CFC shows a certificate of incorporation of a British company, but it is fake.

Do not confuse this with other companies with similar names. There are other legitimate and regulated companies with very similar names, but the website you seen on our pictures is a total scam that, a fake regulator.

How it works

Recovery room scams proceed the following way: they contact victims of financial and investment scams and say they can recover money these people lost.

They will ask the victims to pay upfront fees for the recovery services, but they will do nothing, no recovery will take place. They just scam people a second time. They often are run or connected to the original investments scams, they exchange people’s contact information with them so that they know where to search for victims.

Crystal Financial Consultancy conclusion

Crystal Financial Consultancy is a total scam, it is trying to impersonate financial regulators, but it will only steal your money. Stay away from it!

For trading use regulated brokers only.

If you are considering a recovery service, you should know that most of them are scams. Consult any offer with the national financial regulator of your country.