EXTREME SCAM – Pure Profits review

Pure Profits websiteIn this Pure Profits review you will find proofs that you are facing a binary options scam. It is presented by Jeremy Owensky.

Owensky says that he can give you for free a binary options trading software that can make you $800 per day in the first month and $1000 per day in the second month.

You allegedly don’t have to invest anything to make money.

Pure Profits scam

In the video presentation Owensky says that you should not believe a word he is saying. And it really is the only honest think you can hear in the Pure Profits video.

Pure Profits is a simple scam made to lose you money. Here are the proofs.

You have to invest

Owensky literally says that “you don’t have to invest a dime” with Pure Profits to make money. But it is a big lie.

In reality the first thing you’ll have to do after signing up is to deposit at least $250 with a selected broker. And this is the aim of the Pure Profits scam, more on that later.

Stats and testimonials

All the testimonials that are read in the Pure Profits video are pure fiction, nothing to do with real users.

And all the trading stats you can see on their web site are fake too. When you present trading number, you have to prove they are real.

Pure Profits software

Pure Profits losing appThe most tangible proof that Pure Profits is a scam comes with the trading software they are offering.

It is a well-known app designed and used exclusively by binary options scammers.

Take a look at the picture, recently it has been used by The Profit Hack and Nesdek scams for example.

The truth

Do you want to know how does Pure Profits really work? It’s very easy. People who created it get paid by a certain unregulated broker for referring new depositing clients.

So they made up their story about a profitable software just to persuade you to deposit money with their broker, because it will earn them an affiliate commission.

If you do it and you let the Pure Profits software trade for you, you will lose your money.


Let’s conclude this Pure Profits review by saying that it is a scam that you certainly should avoid if you don’t want to lose money with a crappy software.

Making money with binary options takes learning and a profitable strategy. You can try to build one on a free demo account.

Start trading with real money only when you have verified that your strategy is profitable on the demo.

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