EZTrader complaints

Recently we have received a lot of complaints about the binary options broker EZTrader. Therefore we decided to publish this warning, so that you can consider all the facts if you want to open an account with them.

EZTrader is a CySec regulated broker, however what they do to their clients, is sometimes unbelievable. We have chosen a few examples of complaints that we are receiving.

Price manipulation

See how price changes after clicking on Call or Put.

One of our readers sent us an image showing how EZTrader manipulate prices when he wants to enter trades. When he clicks on either Call or Put, the price makes a sudden jump against him. See the image on the right, his examples and comparisons are speaking for themselves.

Withdrawals hassles

Another reader told us her story about problems with withdrawals. She made a deposit of $100 to her trading account. She was forced a deposit bonus, although she did not agree with it. So she decided to leave, but EZTrader told her, that she cannot withdraw, because there is a withdrawal fee of $20 and the minimum withdrawable amount is $100. So after paying the fee, she would not have this withdrawable minimum. They told her to deposit another $100, so that after deducting the $20 she could withdraw $180. In our opinion it is just unbelievable.

This is what their Terms and Conditions say: “The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 units of the denomination defined in your account. Withdrawal is not possible without performing at least 3 transactions in the system, or paying 10% of the initial deposit, which is to be considered as a fee as per defrayal costs.”

This proves that EZTrader is something like Zoomtrader, they absolutely don’t want you to withdraw your money.

Withdrawals again

Another trader accepted a bonus. He deposited $100 and received a $20 bonus. He made two trades and lost $50. Then he wanted to withdraw the remaining $50, but EZTrader refused saying that he accepted a bonus, so he has to meet the turnover condition.

And this happened despite the fact that the TOS say: “You may withdraw your balance at any time.” Obviously they want to comply with the CySec ruling about bonuses only apparently, but in reality they do something different.


We have presented just a few examples of complaints about EZTrader that we are continuously receiving. We believe that this is enough to have serious concerns about this binary options broker. Therefore we recommend not to trade with EZTrader.

34 thoughts on “EZTrader complaints

  1. I’ve just been scammed by EZtrader–£200,get you to pay that promising help,and then ask for £800 more before any advice.
    They are not regulated in uk-possibly in Cyprus-who have fined them in the past for malpractice-a drop in the ocean for EZtrader.
    How to get back at these creeps?

  2. I’ve stopped trading temporarily. I requested my money and it came through right away. My account manager and who I have been in contact with from the start has been very helpful. I’ll be returning soon to eztrader and recommend them for others. My account manager and who I have been in contact with from the start has been very helpful.

  3. I also waited more than 7 work days but it comes through. I wouldn’t be concerned if it takes a little longer.

  4. Right here, withdrawal delayed for 3 weeks and I had to send some documents through 100 times which was so annoying that I just stopped trading with them after my money finally reached my account..

  5. I have to say that my withdrawal took way too long. I waited three weeks for it to appear in my account. I thought it took 5 business days. Anyone have a similar experience?

  6. Hello, I’m Eric Bell from EZTrader Support and I’m available to answer any questions or to handle any issues you may have. Feel free to contact me at eric.support@eztrader.com anytime. I will do my best to be as efficient and prompt as possible as you all deserve.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi John, me again. I made a withdrawal request about a week ago and it came through yesterday. Just wanted to keep you all updated.

    1. 4 days ago it was “more than a week ago” and now it is “a week ago”? It seems that EZTrader is really “monitoring” this discussion…

      1. John, that wasn’t very nice. I understand the aim of this forum and that there are fake reviews from what I see but why assume that I’m am also fake. The withdrawal request was made more or less a week ago, I didn’t count the days and there was no bad intention in my post. I though I could help by updating. That was just rude from your side.

  8. I put in a withdrawal request more than a week ago and it hasn’t come through. Thoughts?

  9. I had a login issue recently which took a few hours to sort out but I must say they were very good. Overall, they’re a very good broker and the right choice in my opinion. Don’t believe negativity.

    1. This is the 3rd postive comment about EZTrader from the same IP address but under a different name. So obviously fake reviews, not real.

      1. John, you obviously must be fake yourself and against EZTrader if you spend your time looking at IP addresses.

        1. I still don’t understand how could I be fake, but IP addresses are a basic feature of my website (CMS), I don’t have to do anything special to see them. And yes, I look at them to ensure that comments in our discussions are as authentic as possible. So when people are posting marketing formulations as reviews, I try to verify them to see if it is not fake. Especially in case of EZTrader, where we have been receiving complaints from real users with proofs for years and suddenly several people from the same address say how cool this broker is… So as with every other review and article on this website my conscience is crystal clear.

  10. Yes it is disheartening sometimes. I had to wait about 2 weeks for my first withdrawal to come through but it eventually did but each time I inquired someone answered me promptly. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Nice thread by the way.

    1. OK, enought of EZTrader propaganda, I can see the IP addresses, so I know you are commenting here under different names and marketing EZTrader, so stop it.

  11. Depends what you mean by “MASSIVE problems”. I have not withdrawn yet but when I do if it takes more than 1 week who cares? What’s the difference? Withdrawal charges OK, sounds a bit heavy but I am not going to be put off by complainers now that I’ve signed up. Seems people only have bad things to say all the time when someone else is happy.

    1. Maybe you could read the article you are commenting. The problems described in the article are going on and on with some small variations. Withdrawal conditions are very unfair in comparison with other brokers.

  12. Well, whether you think I’m genuine or not is not the issue because for all we know you’re not. I simply wanted to share my current experience. I was told that there are plenty fake entities and scams out there and I don’t feel this is one. If any issues do arise through, I’ll be happy to mention them.

    1. I think everybody can recognize your marketing formulations. Moreover we really have a LOT of real feedback from users that have had MASSIVE problems withdrawing money from EZTrader. And how could I not be real? You think that all these scam reviews are written by robots, that it is a conspiracy against hundreds of honest trading systems that make millions for free? 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. I stumbled upon these reviews after I signed up with EZTrader and I personally have not encountered any issues regarding their platform or service and just so you know, I have not made money, at least not yet but I am very satisfied up until now. The support team is extremely patient and helpful.

    1. I see guys from EZTrader are still not tired of publishing their own fake reviews 😀

  14. I’m sorry but I disagree with you about EZTrader. I traded with a few brokers including EZtrader and i can tell you that most regulated brokers are the same. I didn’t have any issues with EZTrader and they help me with all my questions I had. I recommand to anyone who have some thoughts about EZTRader to contact them and ask all the questions you have. I’m sure they will help you as they helped me.

    1. It seems you are very lucky, because we are getting a lot of complaints about EZtrader. Not to mention their disgusting withdrawal conditions, if you have less than $100 on you account, they charge you a $50 fee. And the same if you make less than 3 trades, again a $50 withdrawal fee.

      1. I’m not that lucky, I didn’t win all the time but I see your point. When I needed help I contact EZTrader support and they were very helpful, and if you compare them to other binary option platforms, you will find out that eztrader is trusted platform, this is from my point of view.

  15. Hello,
    For all those who have any complaints or questions regarding EZTrader, please feel free to contact me rick@eztrader.com
    Thank you,
    Rick Patterson
    Account Manager of EZTrader

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