FAKE MINER: Clminer scam review

CLminer scamThis review explains that ClMiner is a scam that you have to avoid, don’t invest money into it.

Clminer claims to be a bitcoin cloud mining solution that is easy to use, because there is no bureaucracy associated with it.

There are three mining plans: Beginner, Intermediary and Advanced with daily returns between 5% and 8%.

So, what’s the truth about Clminer?

CLminer scam

The truth is that Clminer is a scam. It is not doing any real bitcoin mining, it is just collecting money from inexperienced people.

The reality is that bitcoin cloud mining is not profitable these days. It is due to the low price of bitcoin and hardware and electricity costs. When buying real cloud mining contracts from real companies, you will be lucky to break even in the end.

So, there is absolutely no way to make 5 or more percent per day in bitcoin cloud mining. This automatically means that Clminer is scam, there is no other possibility.

How it really works

Clminer either just takes people money and pays nothing, or it works like a Ponzi scheme, which means that some profits might be paid at the beginning.

But because there is no real mining or any other real activity going on, the scam will quickly run out of money and collapse. That’s how Ponzis always end.


Clminer is a scam, it is not a crypto mining service, just a scheme to take money away from you. Stay away from it.

Probably the only way to make money with cryptocurrencies nowadays is trading. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

But always remember that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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