FANCY SCAM: I-Forex review

I-Forex official websiteThis review explains that I-Forex Group Limited is an investment scam that is going to lose a lot of money.

I-Forex Group pretends to be a company of experts in the investment field. They offer several investment plans to the general public with returns up to 80% net after 20 days, which is 120% in one month.

Is I-Forex a legitimate investment opportunity?

I-Forex scam

Fake plansNo, I-Forex is not a legitimate investment opportunity, it is a scam. It again is primarily about the numbers, because no legit investment business can make you 120% net on your investment per month, it’s just economic reality.

This basic knowledge is all you need to understand that I-Forex is a scam. There is no other possibility.

Fake company

No necessary licenceI-Forex Group shows a company registration from the UK. While the registration is not fake, it is only a few days old and it is only a tax registration.

As you can see on our picture, I-Forex Group doesn’t have an authorization from the FCA that is needed to provide investment services.

How it really works

I-Forex is designed as a Ponzi scheme. It will collect deposits from people and maybe redistribute some of the collected money on withdrawals.

But such a scheme always collapses, because quickly will come the day when withdrawals exceed deposits.


I-Forex is a Ponzi scam, it will collapse and take a lot of money with it. Stay away!

If you want to make money in trading, start learning on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will have to build a profitable strategy and then you can start investing real money.

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