Fancy scam review with proofs: AliveIn5

AliveIn5 web siteIn this review we provide proofs that “AliveIn5” (or 5 Minute Profits) is a new binary options scam. It is presented by Brandon Graham.

Graham says that he used to be a day trader but he managed to automate his trading strategy into the AliveIn5 software. It allegedly can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. And it is of course free, because becoming millionaire is always free in this business.

AliveIn5 is a pure scam

Enough of sarcasms, Graham is just a paid actor playing a role, the whole story is completely bogus. There is a lot of proofs, so let’s go through some of them.

Restricted to one country

In the video Graham says that AliveIn5 is “available only in your country”. As you can see we looked at it from Germany. Are you from Germany too? Most of you certainly not, yet you could see the video.

Fake articles

Graham shows some articles that are about him making people rich. But these are fake articles, you are not shown the name of the newspapers so that you can’t check the source. Because they have never been published anywhere.

Not free

The whole thing is of course not free. The first thing you will have to do if you sign up for AliveIn5 is to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker. If you do it, you’ll extremely probably never see it again. The first reason being the uselessness of the software, it cannot trade profitably, it generates losses, more on that later.

Fake live trading

Trading resultsThe most funny part of AliveIn5 is the allegedly live trading session with the guy sleeping outside on a bench. He of course is a paid actor.

But what is hilarious is how scammers gave away proofs that it is just a big fake. First of all you cannot open a trading account for somebody without filling in his address, phone number and other details. So Graham could not have opened that account for Frank Turner.

But the best proof lies in the trading account screenshots. Look at the picture and pay attention to the address bar in the browser, you can see the address of an image (.png) on the hard drive of that computer!

So it is not a web page, it is just an image they edited and opened in a browser.

AliveIn5 software

SoftwareAnd finally we also looked at the software itself. It is a very well known app, it is used exclusively by binary options scammers.

Look at the picture on the right, recently it has been used by the Binary Interceptor scam for example. Scammers just change colours and logos. This software is losing money in trading, we have a lot of feedback from people about it.


AliveIn5 is a typical scam that is abusing binary options. It is designed to lose your money, so stay away from it.

If you really want to try binary options trading to see how you can make money in it, try a free demo account with a regulated broker. On a demo you can test and build a profitable strategy.

And forget about anybody making you free money on binary options, the only way to profits leads through learning and testing.

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3 thoughts on “Fancy scam review with proofs: AliveIn5

  1. I attempt to deposit 250 into the Account over the phone because they called me right after I registered.
    Gave my credit card info over the phone however I did not have the funds there so it did not go through. I just hope they don’t try and use it again

  2. Thank you very much. I always check for scams first. Wish everyone would. These people should go to jail!

  3. He was showing the homeless guy’s bank account,, you don’t deposit into your bank account, you deposit into a Broker’s account, then, if you are extremely lucky, withdraw from them, when they pay INTO your account.So Brandon, showing “Homeless Joe’s” Banking account, is B?S for sure.The two chicks in the car and his house are different too.The actor looks like a hard up actor from a soapie, or similar show, does anyone recognize him.Ps, Homeless Bums are not likely to have a Bank account either.He looked the same, but with a tie suit dress up, both pre and post his 300,000$ $$$ Windfall too!! Surely he could have afforded a new hair style with 300K?

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