Fast Profits scam on binary options

fast profits scam
The first thing they force you to do is to deposit money on a trading account…

Scams that abuse binary options are coming every day and here we have another one, it is called Fast Profits.

This one is actually very poor. When we are studying scams, we often have fun discovering all the lies that scammers present in order to persuade you to go and open a trading account through their affiliate link. But this time we are disappointed. Fast Profits is not bringing anything new, no new arguments, nothing.

We just hear the ordinary story of an automated binary options trading system that generates zillions of dollars and as usually you can get it for free. You mustn’t share it with anyone, you are one of the few lucky people to get it, it comes from a secret group, it will make 400,000 dollars in 7 days and all the usual blah, blah, blah is here.

The Fast Profits trading system is supposedly open to 25 people only, but they don’t even bother to put a fake counter on their page to make you believe this. But you can come back any time and you will see that you can register whenever you want, it will stay open to an unlimited number of people.

The idea behind the Fast Profits scam is obvious, they need you to open a binary options trading account with their broker (Optionrally at this time) and that will earn them affiliate commissions. If you then let their system trade your account, you will lose everything.

So NO, it is not free, you have to deposit first. And NO, it won’t make you a single penny, in fact it will make you lose your deposit.

Let’s close this review with the obligatory advice. Binary options represent an ordinary financial instrument designed to trading. Trading can make you money, but also lose. You have to first learn trading on a demo before you start with real money. The only way to earn money trading is to learn trading and trade on your own, nobody can do this for you.

P. S. If you still don’t believe it is a scam, read their disclaimer, they admit that their results are only simulated, not real.