FAST SCAM: Binary Options Millionaire review

This review of Binary Options Millionaire proves that this program is a scam. It is presented by Clark.

What it is about? The anonymous Clark claims to have a profitable binary options software called Binary Options Millionaire. This software has allegedly earned him more than a million dollars within a few months.

And because money is free (right?), you can get Binary Options Millionaire for free and earn more than 300 thousand dollars a month.

Binary Options Millionaire scam

The Binary Options Millionaire is of course a scam. Everything you hear in the presentation of this program is lies. An anonymous millionaire Clark giving you money for free? Do you really believe that? We hope not.


First of all let’s expose the fake testimonials that Binary Options Millionaire shows you. They were made with paid actors, these people are not real traders nor users of this trading system.

Look at the picture to see a proof. This woman and man are selling fake testimonials for five dollars on Fiverr, anybody can hire them.

Losing software

Now let’s have a look at the BO Millionaire software that you will get access to. You are supposed to let this software trade your account, but don’t do it!

Why? Because it is a scam software that is losing money, we know it from real users!

This exact same software is used by many scams. Look at the picture to see a few examples of other scams that use the same app, like InterTrader, Profit Replicator and Bahama Banker.

How it really works

So, how does Binary Options Millionaire really work? It is simple, its only aim is to make you open a trading account with a selected broker and to deposit money into this account. Why? Because these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients, that’s all.

Since they get paid by the broker, they can afford to give you a losing software, because your trading results don’t matter to them. Sad but true.


Binary Options Millionaire is a sad scam. It will force you to deposit money with an unregulated broker and then it will lose your money, that’s how it really works. It just abuses binary options to scam you.

These robots are all scams. To really make money with binary options, you have to learn to trade profitably by yourself. You can do that and build yourself a profitable strategy on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Start trading with real money only when you are consistently profitable on the demo.

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3 thoughts on “FAST SCAM: Binary Options Millionaire review

  1. thank god a genuine reviewer it is essential for these scammers to be exposed could we not contact the BBC and get this featured on RIP OFF BRITAIN? or the daily mail the number of reviewers that are in on these scams is I believe very extensive have you noticed you never get the same broker as the reviewers if you sign up to software it loses money? well theirs is so successful I think these people are truly wicked I am an elderly chap just hoping to supplement my small pension and have a bit of fun I could go on for ages as I am so angry yes the only genuine broker I would trust is I Q OPTIONS

  2. Thank you for another good review. I’ve been checking many review sites but I only found yours most trustworthy as you do not recommend any other software. I’m a newbie to binary options and was looking for ways to get an extra income but apparently all automated softwares are scams and I’m thinking about learning binary options so I could trade by myself once I’ve got all necessary knowledge. To be honest – it sounds like a cosmic science for me now. Is it really so difficult to learn it and to make any decent profit on binary options? Would you recommend any good place to start learning on it? Thanks again for doing a great job

    1. Start playing on a demo account and you will see. A good place to start learning is in my opinion

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