FAST SCAM: Winkmargin review

Winkmargin websiteIn this review we expose the crypto mining scam called Winkmargin.

Winkmargin is supposed to be a cloud mining service. This means that you pay money for hardware power located elsewhere, this hardware is then used to mine cryptocurrencies and you get paid the profits.

The investment plans offer up to 200% after four days, which means that theoretically you would be able to double your money after four days. Is it possible?

Winkmargin scam

Unreal plansNo, it is not possible to double your money every four days in crypto mining, it is not even possible in one month. Nowadays it is not even possible in one year, because with current crypto prices cloud mining is barely profitable.

That’s the reality of mining, so if Winkmargin is offering you these big returns, it’s because it is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is not doing any mining at all.

Winkmargin just collects deposits and might redistribute some of them on withdrawals, but it is doomed to collapse very quickly, because it is not generating any real profits.

Fake company

The companyWinkmargin shows a company registration from the UK, but as you can see, it is only two weeks old.

It will dissolve very quickly, certainly within one year.

We have seen countless crypto scams that use tax registrations in the UK, they last for a few weeks or months and then they disappear.

A tax registration means nothing, anybody can get it.


Winkmargin is a scam, it is not a cryptocurrencies mining service, stay away from it!

Nowadays it is almost impossible to make money in cloud mining, but you can try crypto trading instead. See on a free demo how it works.

Remember that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful if you decide to leave the demo for real trading.

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