FCA published a black list with 94 binary options firms

British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned against a whole range of subjects offering binary options trading.

The FCA started to regulate binary options only this year. To start the British regulator has identified 94 firms that are offering binary options trading, mainly brokers, and are not regulated.

Although on the FCA list we noticed InstaForex, which is a regulated broker, it probably should not be there. But all the others have no licence and cannot offer their services in any country that regulates binary options trading.

FCA black list

$10K Every Day10k Every Day App Ltd10keverydayapp.com
1Billion Forexhttp://1billionforex.com/meta
23TradersHermes Ventures Ltdwww.23traders.com
33Option/ Option Fortunehttps://33option.com/
360 Tradebayhttps://360tradebay.com/front/
365 Binary OptionOproserv Ltdhttps://www.365binaryoption.com/
72 OptionAmadicia Ltdhttps://72option.com/
AAFX TradingAAFX Trading Company Ltdhttps://www.aafxtrading.com
Alphabet Brokerhttps://alphabetbroker.com
Ashford InvestmentsTeres Media BG Limitedwww.ashfordinvestments.com
AyrexAdvanced Binary Technologies Ltdhttps://www.ayrex.com
Barclays Trading InvestPrivate Capital Trading Ltdhttps://barclays-trading-invest.com
Barkley CapitalJ.O.N.A Global Holdings Ltdhttps://www.barkleycapital.com
Binary Robot 365https://binaryrobot365.com
Binary StSmith and Taylorwww.stbinary.com
Binary TiltChemmi Holdingshttps://www.binarytilt.com
Binary UnoUno Media Solutionshttps://www.binaryuno.com
BinaryBookTech SB Ltdhttps://www.binarybook.com
BinarymateAffort Projects S.Awww.binarymate.com
Brokers Optionhttps://brokersoption.com/
Byrix Financial InvestmentsMTN Worldwide Services Limitedhttps://www.byrix.com/
Cex MarketsFyremount Consultants Ltdhttps://www.cexmarkets.com
CFD StocksPacific Sunrise UK Ltdwww.cfdstocks.com
CMA CapitalOptions Tech Limitedhttp://www.cma-cap.com
Crown FinanceElis Financehttps://crown-finance.com
CT OptionInfinicore Ltdhttps://ctoption.com
CT Trade / CT-Tradehttps://ct-trade.com
Delta Capital MarketsADT Group Limitedhttps://www.deltacapitalmarkets.com
Eclipse FinanceAronex Holdings LTDhttps://www.eclipse-finance.com
Edgedale Financewww.edgedalefinance.com
Empire Optionhttps://www.empireoption.com
EPF Global Serviceshttp://www.epfglobalservices.com
FM TraderFM Trader & Capital Force Ltdhttps://fmtrader.com/
G6 Optionshttp://www.g6options.com
Greenfields CapitalPremium Peak Ltdhttps://www.greenfieldscapital.com/
Hedgestone GroupIcon Markets Limitedhttps://www.hedgestonegroup.com
IGX Tradehttp://www.igx-trade.com
Infinitech Tradinghttps://infinitechtrading.com
Instant Optionswww.instant-options.com
IntraDay Capitalhttps://www.intradaycapital.com
ISG Xchangehttps://isgxchange.com/
IvoryOptionArya Group t/a Ivory Optionhttps://ivoryoption.com
Karvy OnlineKarvy Stock Broking Ltdhttps://www.karvyonline.com
London Option Exchangehttps://www.londonoptionexchange.com/
LS TradersLS Traders and Consultants Ltdwww.ls-traders.com
LTX Marketshttps://www.ltxmarkets.com
Market Optionshttp://www.marketoptions.com
Mayfair Tradinghttps://mayfair-trading.com/
Meta InvestingB.M.O Ltdwww.metainvesting.com
NB Internationalhttps://www.nb-i.co.uk/
Nexus Capital Indexhttp://www.nexcapindex.com
Olymp TradeSmartex International Ltdhttps://olymptrade.com/en-us
OmendaClaripeak Ltdhttps://omenda.com/
Option Giantshttp://www.optiongiants.com/
Option500Option Solution Online Ltdwww.Option500.com
Option888Capital Force Ltdwww.option888.com
Oracle OptionsOracle Wealth Trusthttp://www.oracle-options.com
PlusOptionACV Operations S.R.Lhttps://www.plusoption.com
RBinaryR Binary Limitedhttps://rbinary.com/
Spot2TradeSpot2Trade Ltdhttp://www.spot2trade.com
Stern OptionsBP1 LPhttps://www.sternoptions.com/
StoxmarketMarketier Holdings Limitedwww.stoxmarket.com
Strategy MarketsNew Power Gen Ltdhttps://strategymarkets.co.uk/
Stratx MarketsConsultancy Ltdhttps://www.stratxmarkets.com
SW1 Optionshttp://sw1-options.com
Tall Optionswww.talloptions.com
TitanTradeDOM Technology Services Ltdwww.titantrade.com
TorOptionSmart Choice Zone LPhttps://www.toroption.com
Touch Tradeshttps://www.touchtrades.com/
Tropical Tradehttp://www.tropicaltrade.com
UBinaryUB Innovative Partners LPhttps://www.ubinary.com
Universe MarketsWhite Square Trading Limitedhttps://www.universemarkets.com
uTraderDay Dream Investments Ltdhttps://en.utrader.com
VIP Brokershttps://vip-brokers.com/
VXMarketsClear VX Ltdhttps://www.vxmarkets.com/
WinOptionsSAL Ltdhttps://www.winoptions.com/
XFR Financialhttp://www.xfr-financial.com/en/
ZoomtraderCapital Force Ltdhttps://www.zoomtrader.com

39 thoughts on “FCA published a black list with 94 binary options firms

  1. I just got scammed by these people. I invested 2500canadian it was okay until i tried to withdraw money. They said i did not have enough trades to withdraw any assets. I received a phone call from one of their advisers he would help me invest proper so i went ahead and listened .All my investments just depleted from listening to this adviser. 5000 to be exact. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS .


  2. Jeg bor i Norge. Investert 1000 euro ved en Dennis Callow. Var så hyggelig å snakke med. Ikke hørt noe på vel en måned. Prøver i dag å nå han på mail, men all forbindelse er brutt. Rene kjeltringstreker, forstår ikke hvordan dette går an. Er det noen som kan anmelde disse, noe vanskelig for meg å følge opp som bor så langt unna

  3. I invested £250 in universe markets because they assured me I could withdraw the funds at any time. Obviously after they had my money they told me my turnover needs to equal my investment before I can withdraw it.

    Tried to sign in today and their website and emails don’t exist any more, however there is now Universemarketsfx.com with the same head office address. Ofcourse my login details don’t work.

  4. Hi,

    still trying to recover €900 from my investment with Universe Markets…anyone a clue how to deal with this ?
    It´s amazing that this kind of “business” can stay “legally” on line…

    thanks for any help..

  5. Hi i started trading in Nov 2017 with Sternoptions. Everything was going well until the analysts started demanding more money from me. I tried getting my money back from them but they said i have to meet the turnover. The company still contact me by phone and email with which trades to open and they have not closed my account. Please can any one else tell me if they have been scammed by Sternoptions and if they have spoken to Ellen strong and Daniel Grant. Also can anyone advise me how i can get my money back.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry but Sternoptions is a scam broker, we hear a lot of complaints about it.

      1. Please can you advise me on how i can get my money back. Also does anyone know where Sternoptions are located?

        1. I’m sorry but I don’t know, with unregulated brokers like Sternoptions it is very difficult. If you did your deposit with a payment card, you can try to ask your bank for a chargeback. Otherwise you can try to contact the national regulator in your country and eventually even the police.

  6. I have been trying to contact Strategy Marketing and am not getting a response. Who else has lost money with and do you have any contact details as i would like to get my money back. I have reported them to Action fraud and the FCA

    1. Hi Jenni
      I have the same problem with Strategy Markets, all email undelivered, website closed. Feels like they’ve gone to ground with our cash. I’m just finding my way in terms of any action that can be taken. 🙁

      1. Hi Adrian
        I am in the same boat. Can’t get hold of them either.

  7. I invested £1000 with Mayfair Trading on line.
    They offered me a 30 money back guarantee if i wasn’t happy with the results.
    Are they Scamming me ?
    I set it up through a guy called Reece. And then Mathew

  8. I started with greenfieldscapital on 14 December 2017. I had to train the first week and done some small trades on the 250 dollar account I opened. After the week of training I deposit a amount that took my entry account to 5 000 dollars. I made over one weekend 9000 dollars witch include bonus of a total of 2900 dollars. I have struggled to get my account liquid as Nathan Stern an account manager told me this is the only way to get my 5000 dollars withdrawn. I had to make a turnover on trades of 51 900 dollars. It went quiet from Greenfieldscapital side for another 2 weeks. I made the trade in a matter on two weeks. I send through the support@greenfieldscapital.com email address an email that I need assistances. I got a call from Mike Greenfield (He introduce him over the phone) that my account is still not liquid as I need to do 7 000 000 dollars in turnover. He assisted me in trade on Dollar/ Japan and explain to him that the graft show a sell and not a bye, were he asked me who is the expert and the annalist. (Please for give me, but its my money and not yours.) I told him its sell and not bye. I lost everything on that trade. I have struggled to withdraw the money until there is nothing to withdraw.
    This is my experience with Greenfieldscapital… A BIG NO GO TO THIS COMPANY for me if I am going to trade again…
    Any company that anyone can promote to go to for trading?

    1. I’ve been trying to get my money back from NB International for over two weeks now. They’re impossible to get hold of and don’t reply to emails so I can only conclude they’re a scam. If you’re tempted into opening an account with them I’d advise not to. If you already have an account then I hope you have better luck than me in getting your money back.

      1. I am trying to stop my husband dealing with NB International but he believes everything is ok
        with them and trusts what they say. Did you manage to get your money back from them? Any other
        advice would be welcomed.

        1. You wont get your money back. I have lost so much money with these people. stop trading
          now they will take you to the cleaners. Everything about them is fake, they will take everything.

    2. lost a lot of money with them totally dishonest. Beware of Oliver, Peter, Benjamin and Hershal.
      Probably not their real names. Everything is fake.

  9. Greenfields capital are liars and have fraudulant methods to aquire your funds. After they have your money contact is usually avoided, withdrawal requests of money in your trading account are denied,usually saying its bonus money when in fact it is your own money deposited. names were Joe Hensen, David Ashton ,Al Mcdonald and a Jacob. Keep clear of Greenfields capital.

  10. Berkeley trading is now Mayfair-trading.com They work out of the same office in Marbella Spain. The office is in the Tempo apartment building in Puerto Banus. Office side, 3rd floor.
    Complete scam they tell you what you want to hear. figures are all made up, MJ or Micheal Jordon, or what ever name he is using this week. His real name is Troy Hicks.

      1. Hi Mayfair Trading relieved me of £500 last week. Now their domain has been closed so you cannot access their platform (which was all smoke and mirrors anyway), neither can you email them. I was about to offer them more money if they could prove that their 30 day refund was genuine by refunding the £500. I thought this ruse might get my cash back, but when the email bounced I realised they’ve done a runner.
        I’ve learned a lesson.

  11. Has anyone had a dealing with ”ISGXchange.com” at all here? I have just started the legal battle with them to recover all my substantial amount of money they gobbled up! Fraudsters!!!

    I still vividly remember how they initially made me fall into the trap by kept on calling me at work and home and sweet talking me into it. Please please do not invest with them! Your money will be lost. While I’m confident I will get all the money back, its just the time and energy needed is hard to come by in my busy job schedule. But i will get this done!

    If anyone else also affected out there and wants to join forces with me in this legal battle to bring on the justice for us and for future innocent people like us please message me ASAP.


    1. Please add me to your fight… Let’s get these fraudsters. Would like to share our experiences? In particular anyone had bad or good experiences with the following entities?


    1. That universe markets its a sh*t!! Do not go inside there guys. do not invest. Do not listen to them when they say you can try and if you dot like it you can just gett you money back. Thats a lie!! And the support team it a real unprofessional group. They tread you with no respect. !!

      1. I started to get very suspicious and my guard was very high when Chris Gold was on the online chat suddenly trying to help me when I was in the midst of liaising with their online support on my deposit. My damage is USD 1,500. UNIVERSE MARKETS IS AN ONLINE SCAM!

    2. THEY ARE CHEATERS AND ONLINE SCAMMERS! They cannot be licensed because they are out to steal from you!

      1. I have lost £10250.00 to these guys / company! I was dealing with James Woods and David Harris of UniverseMarkets.com empty promises, unable to get my money and as of today, all their phone lines are down, their website too and my account just gone!!!! I have no idea of what or where to go to try and get my money back… – Though I doubt I will see a single penny tbh.

  12. bonjour,
    que peut t on penser d univerMarkets.–
    si quelqu un a une experience avec ce brooker j aimerai qu il me la partage. Merci

  13. Unfortunately I have had the experience of LTX Markets. They have my money and will not give it back. Please do not give them anything, they will lie to get your money.

  14. Greenfields Capital is a scam. I tried to get my money (700 euro) back from the broker with by sending them e-mails, trying to contact the manager etc. but without success.

    They see that they need five documents to require for customer verification:

    1. Front copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
    2. Back copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
    3. Front copy of your Credit/Debit Card
    4. Back copy of your Credit/Debit Card
    5. A copy of a valid Utility Bill

    I don’t want to send it to them.

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