FCA publishes a warning on STP Markets

The British Financial Conduct Authority has warned against trading with the binary options broker STP Markets.

STP Markets is allegedly based in London and according to the FCA the broker provides services that are regulated under the British law, but STP Markets has no authorization whatsoever.

Link: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/stp-markets

5 thoughts on “FCA publishes a warning on STP Markets

  1. I currently have a binary options account with this lot. Account manager is “Charles” – He rang me last night in the middle of the first Corrie episode.
    The account appears to be making gains – I deposited £500.00 initially which they matched with a £500.00 bonus. By my reckoning that is my “initial funding ” for 25x turnover computations (not in original terms&conditions)
    They also claim to have recovered funds from my account with Bull-Markets Solutions, and appear to have added some recovered funds to my account. They were to send me £6,000.00 as the first part of this recovery, but my account (then £7,500 deposited) required to be £10,000.00 deposited (why not count the recovered funds???) I sent the balance, but so far it has not registered on my account.
    Charles is still asking for more cash before they will pay out 20%.
    I am about to post this on a website I have, but have not approached Action Fraud as yet.
    I’ve also not had email contact from them since the site relocated to .co.uk

  2. I was contacted by Oliver Johnson (that is the name he gave over the phone and on the email send from Admin). He opened an account for me and now wants me to fund it. Not yet had funding details. This made me nervous, the rush and the fact that he opened the account for me. On looking at the account I saw no way to fund direct. Obviously the money will have to go elsewhere. I was first contacted by someone called William then he passed me over to Oliver. The address given on the email is Broadgate Circle. I have no more info at the moment. I am expected to say I am ready to fund the account. If I can be of any help please let me know. Thank you for exposing them.

  3. Crooks – plain and simple.
    The business address is false (they have never been at Broadgate Circle) , their emails appear to come from ( or be routed via) Wichita in Kansas USA, and they use the name and address of STP trade Ltd as their head office – and they have no connection with them whatsoever.

    Anyone with any information, please get in touch as I would like to track these low life down.


    1. Hi Steve, yes these are low life. They put me in with a TCR. (Total credit refund) saying if I was not happy I could withdraw my initial deposit at the end of the 120 day agreement. They made money.. So say ! I asked for a withdrawal. They then “lost” everything in the account, They said the TCR covered my initial investment and was available after the 120 days. They stopped my calls, no reply to emails. Now they are refusing to refund my money as they have conveniently come up with new “terms and conditions” which I have never signed or agreed to. We. Have been to the London office twice and have been told we are not the only ones to be scammed. Should you have any information about them could you let me know.

    2. I have posted here before. They are a load of scoundrels. Promising something and then saying “I made a mistake” and we can’t do that. Charles Matthews beong the persoin on mind. http://pkstocks.20m.com/stp.htm has all the info on it. Matthews called me twice today on numbers which are not recognised. What does that tell you?

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