FCA warns against Get Financial and Golden Markets

The British Financial Conduct Authority has identified two more unregulated brokers.

The FCA has found that Get Financial and Golden Markets are targeting British residents, but have no authorization to do so.

These brokers are not regulated at all, and since they are allowing their clients to trade cryptocurrencies and currencies, they cannot do it legally in any country that regulates trading.

For trading we recommend using regulated brokers only.

23 thoughts on “FCA warns against Get Financial and Golden Markets

  1. Like all the other messages on here I fell for their scam. After investing money I got bombarded with phone calls, followed by a nasty email later in the day. Today I checked my credit card and more money had gone from it.Be aware everybody this is a no win situation. I know my money has gone forever.

    1. Contact your bank and ask for a chargeback on these fraudulent transactions on your credit card, they are pretty easy to reverse.

  2. Hi
    My mother is 78 and got a call from a company called Golden market, over a period of two weeks she gave them £1000 which they said they would invest, I hadn’t heard of the company and have now found out it looks to be scam, she has tried to get £500 back which they said she could have the money back at any time, they processed the £500 withdrawal and she waited a week, and the money still hadn’t arrived on the card, They now want a copy of her passport, a photo of the card she made the payment and statement showing the transaction, I am reluctant to send them this information is case is used for identify theft, not sure what to do

    1. Hi, the best thing to do is to ask her bank to do a charge back on the payment, they can reverse it. Explain that she got scammed by a broker that is not regulated and that is subject to a warning from the FCA.

  3. Elina, faced the same problem in goldenmarkets. Sended a request for the withdrawal of his deposit on August 11, 2018. And just now I got it. Yes, I was very worried that I would not get my money. But in the end it happened. So do not worry, I think that you will be fine too. I think to continue to try to trade on goldenmarkets.

  4. I had put on a deposit somewhere in June. I think 26 June 2018. Haven’t started anything regards to trading. Now on 22.08.2018 I tried to withdraw my deposit. It’s been pending since. The support group told me to wait for the financial department to contact me and nothing. I sent a message to Peter Harrison and he hasn’t replayed to my email. Can I just have my money back. That’s all I’m asking gor

  5. Hey, guys, how are you?
    There is some question, but I think that no one will answer.
    Can you tell me who is trading here? And what is your balance? I want to start working with this platform and want to find out what profits you get.

    1. Hey, Jayson. An interesting question, no one will answer you about balance and profit. This is very personal information. I can only say that I get a big profit, for example + 230 $ every 2-3 days. So try! everything is possible, invest and earn your money)!

      1. I’m sorry but this is BS. If you make profits, it is thanks to a trading strategy. With brokers you don’t invest, you trade. A broker cannot change your strategy from losing to winning or vice versa. Never trade with unregulated brokers, they are not overseen, they can run away with your money any time. We have seen dozens of cases where unregulated brokers just disappeared with all the money. If you have a profitable strategy, trade it with a regulated broker.

  6. I got suspicious when email from Golden Markets asked me for copy of Passport, Driving Licence and Credit Card. I at once asked for return of deposit. Still waiting. Long phone call from man with American accent. Very persuasive. I have advised my Bank and stopped credit card.
    Closed account. BE WARNED.

  7. And I like this platform. There have never been any problems with them. And the person who teach me to trade, has been working on this platform for a long time.

  8. Do not ade with Golden Markets whatsoever they are scammers. Once they have your money then you will lose it and have difficulties in communication. Very bad company. They should be closed down.

  9. Dear John, can you please explain what does it means for me as for client? I`m trading there now and have money on balance. Anyway I have withdrawal all deposited funds, but some of my profits is still there! Does this warn means that i`m working with them illegally?

    1. Hi, I don’t think it’s illegal to trade with a broker that is not regulated. However it is risky, because your money is not insured and nobody oversees what the broker does.

  10. I was seeing such warnings on almost on all of the brokers that I worked for 15 years. I can say for sure, not all of them playing unfair. You should always be careful and test your broker many many times!!! Think twice! Always! My tests with GoldenMarkets is still ok… but thank you for warning.

  11. Sent them a small deposit. Was the inundated with phone calls and e-mails. One time, advised Douglas White (pretty sure that wasn’t his real name from his very strong African accent) that I was driving and he should call back the following day, he got pretty aggressive and told me to “pull over right now,” as there was a chance to make a profit but it had to be now. The following four hours, he called 5 times and sent 3 e-mails.
    I e-mailed the following day that I didn’t appreciate the pressure and could they return my deposit. Then they got really nasty, shouting at me over the phone. I hung up, phone rang again seconds later.
    Eventually, I sent an e-mail to my credit card provider reporting the transaction as fraudulent. They finally returned the deposit.
    Nasty people. Steer clear.

    1. Dear David,

      Thank you for sharing your experiance with us. We will be checking all the information regarding your case so this doesnt repeat itself with any of our clients. However, your account history shows that you sent an email on the 20th of June requesting the refund. The next day your deposit was refunded fully. Therefore it is not completely clear to us why your feelings are so negative for this very attentive and quick response that you received. If there is anything else we can help you with please email us at: customercare@goldenmarkets.com.


  12. Dear John!

    Please be advised that Golden Markets operates on unregulated market, thus our business is not subject to any regulations of European laws.
    However our clients satisfaction is top priority. That’s why we follow our regulations related to data privacy and transfer of sensitive information including GDPR.

    1. Well, the Financial Conduct Authority obviously has a different opinion. This article is only about the warning published by the FCA.

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