FCA warns against LDN Exchange

Financial Conduct Authority from Great Britain has warned against the binary options broker LDN Exchange.

LDN Exchange offer consists of Fixed Return Options, which are nothing else than binary options. The broker doesn’t provide any address, but according to the prefix of the contact phone number it is based in Britain.

The FCA warned that LDN Exchange is not regulated, it has no authorization to provide investment service in the UK.

We can add that it has no authorization for any country that regulates binary options trading.

10 thoughts on “FCA warns against LDN Exchange

  1. All

    What you need to do is report this to action fraud, as there is a live police investigation going on. Also Matthew Lord is aka Corey Fieldhouse

  2. HI all.
    Thank you for your comments. If this company performs illegal activities in the UK (despite being registered overseas) and is not governed by FCA, can they be sued? Can the police help in this instance?

  3. *** The most thickheaded company operating on British soil ***

    i don’t care if someone from the company is reading this but i believe they have scammed me; both my profit money and whole investment lost despite me telling them clears instructions in writing and over the phone – all ignored.
    My hate red for this company continues.
    When i joined in Mid May 2017 i was assured from the following people that i can have a refund/withdrawal at ANY TIME but as you guessed… all lies:-
    – Kerry Dobbins (lady who got me on board)
    – Matthew Lord (my 1st account manager)
    – Simon (in accounts)
    – Jonathan Bishop (who said it will take up to 28 days
    but should not take this long –
    all lies)
    – Jo Cooper (started off on a good note but then
    very cleverly dodged my phone calls
    when i demanded an explanation as
    to why my account’s profit
    withdrawal had been rejected and
    why both my accounts were trading
    BIG amounts despite my instructions
    – Stephen Moore (i asked why Jo Cooper is not
    answering my requests for call
    back? All Stephen told me ‘i will be
    your account manager’ which shows
    he was not answering my question
    and defending Jo Cooper even
    though i am the customer’)
    Stephen Moore than assured me over the phone that the earliest my funds can be liquidated is around December but commencing the new year i called them and said ‘where is Stephen’ in which i was told ‘ he is on leave’. Now you tell me how the hell am i meant to get my money back from these scammers?
    After all the above two new member of staff called me and said money lost and ‘you are welcome to deposite more money so we can recover your losses’.
    WHAT BLOODY FOOLS to tell me this!
    *** i hope the above is enough to convince anyone not to trust this scammer company ***

  4. ***** Please read *****
    Hello again guys, this bloody company is so unprofessional that they gave me no choice but to submit a review.

    Basically, my Tier 5 account was built up to roughly £1500 then when i started noticing BIG amounts being traded i told my account manager ‘Please, can you kindly change the size of the algorithm so it trades no more then £40-50’ .
    The reason i told him this is that it does not BLOW my account. He promised me that he will look into this, but, now, 5 weeks have gone by and no response from (email or phone call) him and now my account is sitting at £120. I wanted to withdraw some of the profit money so i can join my family on holiday and now i CANNOT AFFORD it due to their unprofessional nature.

    Again, when i asked them ‘nicely’ as to why was this not investigated they told me ‘well, its the way the markets work’. I then told them ‘Sorry, i did give you enough notice to change the size of the algorithm’. Their response was unprofessional as ever.

    I have a higher level account with these guys and have (which i regret) but my new account manager has assured me that he will make me some good profits before we depart as friends.

    Please, look out for another review from me.

  5. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM AND TODAY HAVE LOST £27,500.00. They are uncontactable via phone or email. When you try and withdraw any funds you ‘think’ are there (by the way, they won’t be there as your holding account, on investigation, will have been emptied) they make the ‘withdrawal’ screen unachievable, requesting details we would not commonly use in the UK. Login details will be ‘wrong’ and it’s impossible to attempt to try and change your password. ANOTHER THING TO BEAR IN MIND IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING INVESTING IN BINARY OPTION COMPANIES……NONE OF THEM ARE REGULATED IN THE UK BY THE FCA. The first comment on this site uses a surname that you should pay heed to. Don’t be a LEMON.

  6. I have been using Ldn options exchange for a few months now. They make me decent money and always pay my withdrawal on time.

    1. But it still is an exchange that is not regulated, which means that your money can disappear any time and nobody will be able to help you.

    2. Craig,

      i don’t believe you when you say ‘they make me good money’. they made me good money but when i tried to process a refund for £1000 it had been rejected without any communication via phone call or in writing so how can you say they pay your withdrawal on time???

      one lady called Kerry Dobbins said 5 days then another idiot called Jonathan Bishop told me 28 days. Its now been 3-4 months since i have been waiting so i think you are talking rubbish. these people fucked up scammers. i even asked for their address so i can pay them a visit but they shit themselves.

    3. They tool my money up from £2000 to £3800, I then withdrew and it was rejected, my account is now down to £1800 and when ring it just plays music at me, it’s a scam.

      1. Craig,

        Their phone number is 0203 808 6096. someone called Rita or Jake will pick it up.

        I just got off the phone to Stephen Moore and asked him why your stupid colleagues called Kerry and Jonathan lied to me. When i joined i told them that ‘because of turnover requirements i do not want a bonus as this will require turnover so a simple deposit will be fine. In which Kerry and Jonathan responded: ‘no bonus added to account so you can have your refund/withdrawal’ at any time. I told Stephen Moore that despite me telling them this they ‘failed to advise me that my deposit will have to be turned over regardless which proves you lied to me to gain my investment’.
        Stephen Moore told me that if you do not have this in writing then you do not have firm ground to make complaint. i said’ still, i would like to raise a complaint to your compliance team’.

        Fu*ked up crafty fu*kers that need to be punished ***stay away from this fraudsters ***

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