FCA warns against Noble Capital House, SafeMarkets a IDBTrades

British Financial Conduct Authority has warned against three cryptocurrency and Forex brokers.

The three brokers are Noble Capital House (NCH) from Montenegro, SafeMarkets from England and IDBtrades from Scotland.

These brokers allow people to trade with currencies and cryptocurrencies via contracts for difference. They are soliciting residents of Great Britain, however the FCA stated that they have no authorization to do so.

Noble Capital House, Safe Markets and IDBtrades are not regulated.

We recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

8 thoughts on “FCA warns against Noble Capital House, SafeMarkets a IDBTrades

  1. I am trading with safemarkets 3 months already. There is no issue so far although they are unregulated. And also being a non UK citizen i doubt that this regulation would do me any good. You are just scaring people for nothing

      1. It doesn’t prove anything. Unfortunately people always go to the internet when they lose money but on the other hand when someone has actually made something he never goes around to brag about it.There are tons of bad reviews for Apple products,for example but that does not make them any less good.and I doubt that the comments are expressing the full story anyways. I for once will brag about it. I have deposited 2.5k in total. Currently my balance is almost 7k with 3 withdrawals made so far for a total of 1.5k.

        1. Actually hearing complaints about unregulated brokers like Safemarkets is pretty common and I have no reason to believe you, because obviously Safemarkets is or was associated with the Crypto GPS scam. There is no reason to trade with unregulated brokers, people have no protection, their money is not insured and the probability of problems much higher than with regulated brokers.

    1. NCH is a BIG SCAM!!! Neluc… do you live on the same planet as we all do? Why would FCA want to just scare people for no reason. Maybe you Neluc are one of the scammers?

  2. You have your opinion, I have mine .I am not trying to convince anyone that i’m right .I know for myself that I am and I’m sharing my experience. I think that’s the whole point of this website.Or maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Totally agree with you. For 2 weeks i’m trading with safemarkets and they appear as a pretty decent platform so far.

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