FCA warns against Nova Trades, InstaFX24 and Brokers Station

The Financial Conduct Authority from Britain has placed three new brokers on its black list.

The newly blacklisted brokers are Nova Trades, Instafx24 and Brokers Station. They all offer trading with currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities and stocks.

They all have very similar websites and are targeting UK residents among others. But they have no authorization to do that, they are not regulated.

This is why the FCA has warned the public against these three brokers.

We recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

5 thoughts on “FCA warns against Nova Trades, InstaFX24 and Brokers Station

  1. Do not deposit any money in their platform. They will give the illusion that youre making money on it. But when you want to withdraw your money, they will make losing trades without informing you, and you will end up with nothing.

    The person to take note of in this dirty scam is Alex Craig, a self -styled broker with ‘6 years of experience’. He will talk to you nicely when trying to persuade you to deposit money, but after that he becomes very rude.

    Bottom line is, instafx24 and its known affiliates are scams.

    1. i searching to find somebody to help me now i was crying and my wife my broker he trade by her then he loss our money how i get back my money from instafx24? help me guys i am living in philipines i am victim of this site

      1. If you made your deposit with a credit/debit card, initiate a chargeback with your bank.

          1. You have to ask your bank, tell them that you were scammed by a broker that is not regulated and that you want your deposit back.

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