FCA warns against Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance

The Financial Conduct Authority from Britain has published alerts concerning two brokers, Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance.

Ostrich Capital is a Forex broker, meanwhile Olimp Finance is a binary options broker. Both brokers claim that they have offices in London.

As they provide services that need a special authorization from the regulator, the FCA checked them and found out that they are not regulated. Therefore, they are breaking the law.

For your trading use regulated brokers only.

1 thought on “FCA warns against Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance

  1. I had originally invested £250 in Ostrich Capital. This seemed quite successful and I deposited a further £3700 by credit card in August 2017. As the broker at Ostrich Capital I was dealing with, Harry Payne,was apparently ill soon after and eventually left the firm, I was then ;assigned’ to a Mr. Bradley. I was told that I was then issued on the 12th September 2017 with a 90 day trade insurance guarantee for my investment. later Mr. Oliver Scott was assigned as my broker but in spite of trying to contact him a few times I was unable to do so. Before the 90 day guarantee period was up I asked for my deposit to be refunded but was told that as I had accepted a ‘bonus’ of £900 on depositing the £3,700 I could not be refunded the money and had to continue until I had ‘traded; with at least £20,000. As late as the 21st August 2018, it still showed that my account balance was £5,549.75, although that included a so called bonus of £1,016

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