FCA warns against Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance

The Financial Conduct Authority from Britain has published alerts concerning two brokers, Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance.

Ostrich Capital is a Forex broker, meanwhile Olimp Finance is a binary options broker. Both brokers claim that they have offices in London.

As they provide services that need a special authorization from the regulator, the FCA checked them and found out that they are not regulated. Therefore, they are breaking the law.

For your trading use regulated brokers only.

One thought on “FCA warns against Ostrich Capital and Olimp Finance

  1. I had originally invested £250 in Ostrich Capital. This seemed quite successful and I deposited a further £3700 by credit card in August 2017. As the broker at Ostrich Capital I was dealing with, Harry Payne,was apparently ill soon after and eventually left the firm, I was then ;assigned’ to a Mr. Bradley. I was told that I was then issued on the 12th September 2017 with a 90 day trade insurance guarantee for my investment. later Mr. Oliver Scott was assigned as my broker but in spite of trying to contact him a few times I was unable to do so. Before the 90 day guarantee period was up I asked for my deposit to be refunded but was told that as I had accepted a ‘bonus’ of £900 on depositing the £3,700 I could not be refunded the money and had to continue until I had ‘traded; with at least £20,000. As late as the 21st August 2018, it still showed that my account balance was £5,549.75, although that included a so called bonus of £1,016

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