FCA warns against Solid CFD, XFR Financial, Option Stars Global and Stratx Markets

The Financial Conduct Authority from Britain has warned the public against four Forex and binary options brokers.

The FCA hast noticed that these brokers are offering investment services in Britain, although they are not regulated, they have no authorization to do so.

This is why the FCA has put the following brokers on its blacklist:

  • Solid CFD (Forex)
  • XFR Financial (Forex)
  • OptionStarsGlobal (binary options)
  • Stratx Markets (binary options)

At the same time the financial regulator from New Zealand has warned against Managed Forex Hub, which is a company that provides investment advice, but is not regulated. According to the FSMA, this company also provides misleading information on its website.

For your trading you should use regulated brokers only.