FCA warns against Stern Options

British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned the public against the binary options broker Stern Options.

Stern Options is based in Bulgaria, however it offers its services across the world, including Great Britain. The FCA has found that Stern Options is not authorized in Britain, therefore it has issued a public warning.

Stern Options is obviously not regulated anywhere, so it has no authorization for any country that regulates binary options trading.

Link: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/stern-options

2 thoughts on “FCA warns against Stern Options

  1. Hi
    I am damaged STERNOPTIONS.com customer.
    Now they moved me to sternmarkets.com.
    Big promesses, then ly, no moneytakeoutpossible against promise.
    they say, i signed the bonus agreement, but the “Priviledge” amount of adviser Adam Branson
    was credited before any signing of bonus agreement, according to his promise he made the “privilege USD 60000,- credit and let me sign the bonus agreement afterwards.
    now, Adam Branson don’t work anymore for them and they wouldn’t have a proof.
    big thiefs they are.
    best regard cris leimbacher

  2. Hi, stern options, ivory options,bloombex options and plus option have ALL got the samr address in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    They are the same company at the same address and the same SCAM. Please look this up for yourselves to confirm.
    I am looking for their new name as of this morning, all my links to stern options has been deleted and there has been no updates since 27th october.

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