FCA warns against Strategy Markets, HQ Broker and Delta Capital Markets

The British financial regulator FCA has published warnings about new cryptocurrencies, binary options and Forex brokers.

The warnings concern Strategy Markets, which is a Forex broker, HQ Broker, which is a cryptocurrencies brokers and Delta Capital Markets, which is a binary options broker.

Neither of these broker is regulated, yet they are trying to get clients in the United Kingdom, among other countries.

Since they are not regulated at all, these brokers cannot operate legally in any country that regulates trading.

We recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

3 thoughts on “FCA warns against Strategy Markets, HQ Broker and Delta Capital Markets

  1. Would not trust anything this con man Jon Novak writes. It’s not his real name and he himself is an affiliate of IQ Option. Unless this person can provide open proof of who he is (linkedin etc) and a transparent office address with phone, possibly company (since he is receiving affiliate income somewhere from people’s losses as IQ just pays on people’s losses in binaries), he is not to be taken seriously.

    Clown 101.

    1. Can you read? If so, did you notice that this article is about warnings published by the Financial Conduct Authority from the UK? If you have problems with those warnings, you should contact the FCA and ask them to remove them.

  2. I am having a problem contracting strategy markets. I wish to withdraw my money. Please advise.

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