FCA warns against Universe Markets, BinaryOnline, Forex Grand and other brokers

The Financial Conduct Authority from Britain has extended its blacklist of unauthorized brokers.

The FCA has added six cryptocurrency, binary options and Forex brokers to its blacklist. The brokers are not regulated, yet they are trying to get customers in regulated countries such as the Great Britain.

These unlawfully behaving brokers are:

  • Universe Markets
  • BinaryOnline
  • Boerum Holdings
  • GCC Investing
  • Broker XP
  • Forex Grand

For your trading you should use regulated brokers only.

10 thoughts on “FCA warns against Universe Markets, BinaryOnline, Forex Grand and other brokers

  1. I wouldn’t recommend to open an account with ForexGrand. The company is quite enigmatic: the site is young enough, not much adequate reviews and comments on the internet. But I was searching for the info about the owner – his name is ****** and he lives in Spain, ******. I believe they located so far from Bulgaria (there is the main office) to avoid meeting angry clients

    1. I’m sorry but we cannot publish any names, because in case you are wrong somebody innocent could get hurt by angry clients. If you have links to registers or whatever that led you to your conclusions, you can post these links, but not just names and addresses.

  2. i paid 250 dollars to Universe Markets to open a trading account. I subsequently found out about them being unlicensed and on the FCA blacklist.
    I asked for my money to be returned and alerted my bank.
    Is there anything else I can do?

        1. Hi, I can only help you with finding out what is a scam and if a broker is regulated or not. If you got scammed, you have to contact your national financial regulator for advice.

  3. I got scammed by this company universe markets. They have took a lot of my money and now there sites are down and I have no contact. What can I do? Is there anyone out there that can help me get my money back?

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