TBBOB https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net Fighting online scams since 2013 Mon, 25 Mar 2019 16:33:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.1 BEWARE, Netexoption is a scam broker – review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/beware-netexoption-is-a-scam-broker-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/beware-netexoption-is-a-scam-broker-review#respond Mon, 25 Mar 2019 16:31:51 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10669 Netexoption brokerIn this review we reveal that the binary options broker Netexoption is a scam that you have to avoid.

Netexoption offers binary options with returns up to 81% per winning trade. The minimum deposit is $250 and the minimum trade is $1.

Netexoption claims to be regulated by the CFTC, which implies that it is located in the USA, however we did not find any contact information on the broker’s website.

Netexoption scam

Not regulatedThe first red flag is that Netexoption does not provide any contact information, no address, no phone number. This broker is simply anonymous, which always is a very bad sign.

But what makes Netexoption an obvious scam, is the lie about regulation. Because Netexoption is not regulated, certainly not by the CFTC. We checked it, see our picture for a proof.

So, the broker is lying about its license and it is hiding its address. What does it mean? Netexoption is a scam, there is no other possibility.

Forxoption link

Forxoption linkWe found another red flag when we were reading the About Us section on Netexoption’s website. Because the text mentions another scam broker Forxoption.

It is obvious that Netexoption just copied the text from the other site and they simply forgot to change the name.

They either stole the text or are in some way associated with the other broker. Either way it is a red flag and a confirmation of the fact that Netexoption is a scam.

Don’t forget that with unregulated brokers your money is not insured and that nobody will be able to help you to recover your money in case of any problem.


Netexoption is a scam broker, it is not regulated, you should stay away from it.

For trading you should use regulated brokers only.

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BAD SCAM: BIT ICO review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/bad-scam-bit-ico-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/bad-scam-bit-ico-review#respond Fri, 22 Mar 2019 16:05:14 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10661 BIT ICO reviewIn this review you will learn that BIT ICO is an illegal investment program that is worth avoiding.

BIT ICO is presented as a company that it is involved in cryptocurrency trading and investing. It offers three investment plans to the public, you allegedly can earn up to 341% after 17 days, which means more than 600% per month.

Is BIT-ICO real?

BIT ICO scam

Illegal offerNo, unfortunately BIT ICO is not real, because it is a scam. As in most cases you just need to look at the numbers, 600% per month is absurd, no legitimate program can offer and most importantly deliver this kind of returns.

It is absolutely clear that BIT ICO is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is just playing dirty games with deposits. There is no real business activity going on, just a redistribution of the deposits until the system collapses.

Fake company

Fake certificateBIT-ICO claims to be registered in Belize, but it is not true. Moreover, BIT ICO claims to be based in the U.S., so it would not make any sense for it to be registered in Belize.

In reality it is an anonymous entity created by scammers from who knows where. These anonymous scammers will just take your money and you will never be able to track them to get it back.

BIT ICO is an illegal investment service, since it is not registered nor licensed anywhere in the world.


BIT ICO is a scam, it is made to collect money from people and disappear. Stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

This way you can learn and understand how trading works without risking any money.

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Regulators warn against Carter FS, Trade Pro Capitals, Amana Trade and others https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/regulators-warn-against-carter-fs-trade-pro-capitals-amana-trade-and-others https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/regulators-warn-against-carter-fs-trade-pro-capitals-amana-trade-and-others#respond Fri, 22 Mar 2019 14:04:43 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10659 Financial authorities from the UK, Austria and France have published alerts concerning unregulated financial services.

The Austrian FMA, British FCA and French AMF have pointed out the following binary options and Forex brokers and other investment services.

They are not regulated, therefore they cannot seek clients in countries with financial regulation. Moreover, deposits are not protected with unregulated brokers.

The companies that the above-mentioned regulators have warned against are:

  • Carter Financial Services (Carter FS)
  • Porto Immo SCPI
  • NB International
  • Trade Pro Capitals
  • AlgoTradingSoft
  • BAT Financial Management
  • FSM Smart
  • Market Trading
  • Amana Trade
  • Global Crypto

For trading use regulated brokers only.

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PATHETIC SCAM: Forest4 Investments review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/pathetic-scam-forest4-investments-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/pathetic-scam-forest4-investments-review#respond Thu, 21 Mar 2019 16:12:28 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10653 Forest4In this review we have a look at Forext4 which a new investment scam.

Forest4 is supposed to be a woodworking company that has a very effective production without waste which allows it to make big profits.

For whatever reason the woodworking company is offering two investment plans, you can get up to 52% of net profits per 38 days, which means 41% net per month. Or not.

Forest 4 scam

Investment planThe trouble with Forest4 is that it is a scam. This is not a woodworking company, in fact there is no real company behind this investment scheme at all.

Yes, there is company of this name registered in the UK, but the registration was made only one month ago. You can imagine that a profitable woodworking company cannot be set up in less than one month.

The truth is that since Forest 4 offers investment services, it needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, but it hasn’t any authorization. Therefore it is an illegal investment service.

But all this research is almost not needed, because numbers speak for themselves. There is no way for a legit company to be able to make you 40% on your investment per month, this is a 100% scam number.

Forest4 obviously is a Ponzi scheme that will play an illegal financial game with deposits until the owners get enough and run away with everything. This is how these sketchy investment schemes work.


Forest4 investment offer is a scam, the company is fake, stay away from it!

If you want to try true investment trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Learn everything you need in testing before deciding about investing real money.

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Elcurrency is an ILLEGAL broker – review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/elcurrency-is-an-illegal-broker-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/elcurrency-is-an-illegal-broker-review#respond Thu, 21 Mar 2019 08:29:02 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10629 Elcurrency brokerRead this review to understand that you should not trade anything with Elcurrency.

Elcurrency is a broker that that will let you trade primarily with cryptocurrencies. There are also some other assets, like commodities and stocks, but they are always traded in pairs with cryptocurrencies.

The minimum deposit is $500 to open a trading account. Elcurrency also offers managed accounts and bonuses on deposits.

The broker is based in Marshall Islands and also has offices in Great Britain.

Stay away

Trading platformThe main problem of Elcurrency is that it is an illegal broker. Here is why.

Elcurrency obviously is not a cryptocurrency exchange. Because you can trade also stocks and commodities with it, it obviously is a broker that is using contracts for difference.

This kind of trading with derivatives is always regulated and requires a licence. But Elcurrency is not regulated at all, it has no licence in the UK nor anywhere else, which makes it a broker that is not allowed to offer investment services.

The companyThe broker is obviously targeting European residents but cannot do it legally. Not only it is not regulated, but it also is offering bonuses on deposits, which is illegal in the EU.

Also, managed accounts is another regulated investment services that Elcurrency is not licensed to provide.

The only safe thing you can do in regards to this broker is to not trade with it all. This broker offers no protection at all.


Elcurrency is an illegal broker, not a cryptocurrency exchange. Deposits are not protected with this broker, stay away from it!

If you want to try financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

If you later decide to trade with real money, be sure to understand the risks.

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Warning, Real Capital Option Investment is a scam broker – review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/warning-real-capital-option-investment-is-a-scam-broker-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/warning-real-capital-option-investment-is-a-scam-broker-review#respond Wed, 20 Mar 2019 13:42:15 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10624 See in this Real Capital Option Investment review that this broker is worth avoiding.

About Real Capital Option Investment

Real Capital Option Investment brokerReal Capital Option Investment is a broker that allows its clients to trade Forex, binary options and CFDs. The underlying assets include currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The broker also offers several investment plans with returns up to 50% per week.

Real Capital Option Investment claims to be located in Texas, USA, and to be registered in the United Kingdom. Does it make any sense?

Real Capital Option Investment scam

Unfortunately, this broker is a scam broker, it is very obvious. Here is why.

Fake company

No licenseWe already asked the question and the answer is that it does not make any sense for a company to have offices in the US and to be registered in the UK.

In fact, Real Capital Option Investment is not registered in the UK nor in the US. The certificate that the broker displays on its website is fake, you can see the proof on our picture, there is no company registered under this number.

Real Capital Option Investment is a broker that is not regulated, it has no authorization to provide investment services, so it is an illegal broker.

Scam investment plans

Ridiculous investment plansWhen you look at the investment plans of Real Capital Option Investment, you can see another proof of scam. Because 50% per week or 200% per month is simply impossible in financial markets.

Only scams and Ponzi schemes offer this kind of numbers. When you see such returns, you know you should stay away.


Real Capital Option Investment is a scam broker that is not regulated, it is acting illegally, stay away from it!

If you want to try financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t forget that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful if you later decide to invest real money.

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CONSOB warns against Bitsurge Token, CryptoEU, PTBanc and others https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/consob-warns-against-bitsurge-token-cryptoeu-ptbanc-and-others https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/consob-warns-against-bitsurge-token-cryptoeu-ptbanc-and-others#respond Wed, 20 Mar 2019 10:05:54 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10619 The Italian financial authority has updated its black list with more unauthorized projects and unregulated brokers.

CONSOB has prohibited the offerings of Bitsurge Tokens and Green Earth Certificate, because they are unauthorized securities.

For the same reason the Italian regulator has suspended the Wachsende Werte’s offer. The company has 90 days to get a licence.

And finally CONSOB has also reminded that CryptoEU, PTBanc, London Kapital, LKM Groups, Richmond Financial Group and Get Financial are unregulated brokers that are not authorized to provide investment services (not only) in Italy. See the CONSOB’s black list.

For trading use regulated brokers only.

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BRUTAL SCAM: Profit Bitcoin review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/brutal-scam-profit-bitcoin-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/brutal-scam-profit-bitcoin-review#respond Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:31:26 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10610 Profit Bitcoin official websiteThis review proves that Profit Bitcoin is a scam that has been designed to steal your money. It is presented by Richard Watson.

Watson says that he created a bitcoin trading software that has earned him more than 18 million dollars in the last six months. He called it Profit Bitcoin and wants you to use it to get rich too.

You can get it for free, so what’s the catch?

Profit Bitcoin scam

Comparison of scamsThe catch is that Profit Bitcoin is not free, it’s a scam. Here are the proofs.

First of all, as you can see on our picture, this system is just a copy of a scam that has been recycled under many different names, like Bitcoin Code, iBitcoin Code or Bitcoins Wealth.

Richard Watson is a scammer

Richard Watson scammerWe had a closer look at the alleged creator of this trading system Richard Watson. Not only his picture is obviously a stock photo, but he does not even exist.

Because as you can see on our picture, in the German version of Profit Bitcoin the name of the creator is Richard Reichet, and the photo is the same! So, it’s all fake.

Fake testimonials

Fabricated reviewsIn the video you can see people talking about how much money they have earned with Profit Bitcoin. But they lie.

Our picture shows that this man is an actor that is selling fake testimonials on Fiverr. So, his review is worth nothing, he is a liar.

Scam software

Dirty trading softwareWe also tested the trading software that Profit Bitcoin will give you access to, and it was a useful exercise.

Because we discovered a software that is used by other scams, like Bitcoin Trend App. Check our picture for a proof. This trading app is losing money, that’s the reality.

The truth

How does Bitcoin Profit really work? When you sign up for the program, they will tell you that you have to deposit money in order to be allowed to use it.

They will force you to deposit with FXLeader, which is an unregulated broker. If you send them your money, the software will lose it, and that will be it. Nobody will be able to help you to recover your money.


Profit Bitcoin is a total scam, the only thing you can expect with it is a loss of your deposit. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to trade cryptocurrencies to make money, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You will be able to learn how to trade and understand the risks before investing real money.

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RECYLCLED SCAM: Max Your Profit review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/recylcled-scam-max-your-profit-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/recylcled-scam-max-your-profit-review#respond Tue, 19 Mar 2019 10:27:34 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10603 Max Your Profit websiteSee in our review that Max Your Profit of James Forley is another old scam that has made a comeback.

Max Your Profit is presented as an automated trading system that can earn you hundreds of dollars per day in trading financial markets.

Forley says that you can get his system for free, but is it true?

Max Your Profit scam

The truth is that Max Your Profit is a three years old scam that has been recycled. It started in 2016 as Profit Maximizer.

In our linked review you will be able to see that it is the same program, only the name is different.

Fake results

Fake trading resultsIn the Max Your Profit video you will see Forley showing his alleged trading results and profits, but everything is fake. In fact, Forley is a fictitious person with fictitious results.

The same applies to results of the users of this system that are shown on the website. You can see on our picture that they are randomly generated, because sometimes you will see a different name with the same photo.

Scam software

Losing scam softwareMax Your Profit is based on a software that has been used by several scams. We have a lot of feedback about it, so we know that it is losing money. People have been complaining about it a lot.

The software has no real trading strategy, it is just made to pick up random trades that will lose your money.

How they get your money

Forley keeps saying that he does not want your money and that Max Your Profit is free. But it is not true. When you register, you will immediately be required to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker of his choice.

People who run this scam are paid by some unregulated brokers for sending them new victims. Once you make a deposit with them, the money will be gone forever.


Max Your Profit is a recycled scam that has lost a lot of money to a lot of people, don’t fall for it!

If you want to experience financial trading, start safe on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Use the demo to learn how to trade and to understand the risks associated with trading with real money.

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CLONED SCAM: Dubai Profit Now review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/cloned-scam-dubai-profit-now-review https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/cloned-scam-dubai-profit-now-review#respond Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:04:42 +0000 https://thebestbinaryoptionsbrokers.net/?p=10595 Dubai Profit Now official websiteIn this review we expose the Dubai Profit Now scam, which is presented by Scott Hathaway.

The video on the Dubai Profit Now website says that this trading software has been released by Dubai and is able to make $7,000 in profit every day to every user thanks to its high winning ratio.

The development of the app was allegedly financed by Scott Hathaway and the Mahmood Brothers. Despite all the money that went in, you can get if for free. Weird, isn’t it?

Dubai Profit Now scam

The truth is that Dubai Profit Now is a scam, a cloned one. It first appeared almost three years ago under the name of Dubai Lifestyle App. You can check our linked review to see that it is the exact same program.

It has just been reused with a new name, everything else is the same.

Scott Hathaway is a scammer

Scott Hathaway is a scammerOne of the proofs we provided already in our first review is that Scott Hathaway is a scammer, or to be more precise, a fictitious character.

Scammers made him up as the creator of Dubai Profit Now, but he does not exist. The proof is on our picture.


Reviews are fakeIn the Dubai Profit Now video you can see people talking nicely about the program, they claim that they have earned money with it.

But on our picture you will see that they are paid actors who just provided fake testimonials and reviews. They have never used the app.

Losing software

The losing softwareAnd finally, we have also proved that Dubai Profit Now is based on an app that has been used by scams, like Profit Maximizer for example.

This software is known to be losing money, many people have confirmed this to us.

The truth

The only real purpose of Dubai Profit Now is to make you deposit money with an unregulated broker that will rip you off.

People who created this system are paid by unregulated brokers for sending them new victims, that’s how all these scams work.

Right after you sign up, they will ask you for a deposit, so don’t do it, don’t send them anything if you don’t want to lose it!


Dubai Profit Now is a recycled old scam that already lost a lot of money to a lot of people, stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker to be safe.

Use the demo to understand how things works and what is required to be profitable in real trading.

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