Financial regulators warn against unregulated companies

National regulators from different countries have added 20 new unregulated investment services on their black lists.

Subject to their warning are unregulated Forex and cryptocurrencies brokers and other investment projects.

Regulators from Australia, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and Poland have warned against:

  • KontoFX
  • Fortune Way
  • Intelligent Capital
  • 4XFX
  • ESI Group
  • FXNobel / FXNobels
  • FX Market Pro
  • Ligget Krier
  • Blum Helgart Wilhelm
  • Groller Alfred
  • Eagle Bit Trader
  • BM 24
  • BitMarket24
  • Golden Key Pro
  • Lockwood Investments
  • Royal Crypto Banc
  • Obsbit
  • FX Trading Corporation
  • RAM Solutions Group
  • Lux Inter

The companies from this list are not authorized to provide investment services, investment with them are not protected in any way.

For trading use regulated brokers.