FISHY SCAM: Coinplus review

Coinplus scamThis review is about the Coinplus Bitcoin scam that is designed to fail.

Coinplus Bitcoin Limited is supposed to be a company focused on mining and trading cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to its alleged great performance it can offer daily returns between 5% and 12%. It accepts investments in bitcoins and ethers.

So, is 150% – 360% monthly possible with Coinplus?

Coinplus scam

The reality is that Coinplus is just another Ponzi scam hiding behind cryptocurrencies. It does not crypto trading nor mining.

We know that probably the majority of our readers doesn’t like this fact, but it still is a fact: 150% – 360% monthly can be offered by scams only. No legit business can achieve such numbers, not even with cryptocurrencies.

Paper company, illegal business

No licenceCoinplus Bitcoin Limited is a company registered in the UK. But you have to realize two things. The first is that it has been registered at the and end of September 2017, so it is only one month old, it has no history.

The second thing is that this just a registration for tax purposes, it does not say anything about the lawfulness of the company. It’s just some paperwork that almost anybody can do.

The key thing is that Coinplus is providing investment services, which is a regulated activity subject to a license from the Financial Conduct authority.

And because Coinplus doesn’t have a FCA licence, it is operating illegally. That’s a fact.

Not paying

Transactions are fakeThe funny thing is that Coinplus shows a web page that it supposed to prove that it is paying. But it obviously is not.

Because when you click on the transactions to verify them in the blockchain, you will find that they don’t exist.

How it works

Cryptocurrencies allow more or less anonymous transactions, which is what scammers abuse. Don’t you find strange that a company that is supposed to mine (sort of create new coins) cryptocurrencies accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies only? That’s because of the anonymity, they are preparing for their getaway with the money.

Because Coinplus Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme. It works like this: they create the website, they start collecting money from people and they start paying profits. How? They take money from new deposits to pay the profits.

And when they are happy with the amount they accumulated, they will disappear with all the money that is on their accounts. Will you get your money back? No, because crypto transactions are anonymous and irreversible. End of story.


Coinplus is a Ponzi scheme. This type of scam collapses usually within a month, so beware!

Making real money in cryptocurrency trading takes some learning, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You should also realize that trading is risky, so don’t switch to trading with real money until you really know what you are doing.

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