FMA warns against CCM Clearing, CF Group a Bitalong

FMA, the financial regulator from New Zealand, has warned the public about several unregulated companies.

The first alert is about Bitalong, which is a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitalong is using information that belongs to another company (Jazz Finance) and is not regulated. is a Forex broker and also an illegal clone, because it uses the name CF Group, which belongs to another company. It even has a mobile app in Google Play but is not regulated.

The same goes for Oxford Finance Service, it is an unregulated entity that is abusing the identity of Gilrose Finance Company. FMA thinks that Oxford Finance Service is a scam.

FMA also suspects that CCM Clearing, Rocket Consultant Group and World Advisory Group are scams, since they withhold money of they clients with no reason and are not regulated.

For trading use regulated brokers only.