FMA warns against Forex Equinox, Crypto Gain and Zend Trade

The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority has warned the public about three suspected scams.

1) Russ Horn and Forex Equinox – Russ Horn is offering a trading system for financial markets that is supposed to be able to make anybody rich. However, Horn is not a licensed investment advisor and according to the FMA the Forex Equinox system looks like a scam.

2) Crypto Gain Limited – This investment service is offering daily returns on investments into cryptocurrencies that are very high, up to 2.6% daily. According to the FMA the Crypto Gain offer looks like a scam.

3) Zend Trade – This investment advice service is providing trading signals for financial markets. The FMA says that Zend Trade is promising unrealistic returns and withholding clients funds, therefore it has the characteristics of a scam.

For trading use regulated brokers only.