FOOLISH SCAM: Auto Crypto 247 review

Auto Crypto 247 websiteIn this review of AutoCrypto247 we prove that this program is a scam that will lose your money.

Auto Crypto 247 is a an auto trading software that trades cryptocurrencies for profit. It allegedly was launched in 2016 and is used by thousands of happy customers.

And the robot is free, so can you make money with it for free?

AutoCrypto247 scam

In reality AutoCrypto247 is just another scam that abuses binary options and cryptocurrencies. It won’t make you any money, it will just take your deposit and lose it in trading.

Cloned scam

Comparison with other scamsAs you can see on our image, AutoCrypto247 is a clone of Binary Robot 365 and Crypto Robot 365. Both are scams running on a software that fakes demo results to make you believe it is profitable.

But it is not profitable, once you deposit real money, the robot loses it, because real trading cannot be faked.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are fakeOn the Auto Crypto 247 website you can see some stats of people who are allegedly making money with this robot. But they are fake.

Scammers used stolen photos of people who don’t even know that this trading software exists. Take a look at our picture to see the proof.

More lies

More things that are not trueOn the Auto Crypto 247 website you can see a statement about the robot being verified by famous websites, like Investoo. But these are straight lies.

You can do your own research on those websites and/or contact them to check that they don’t have anything in common with this robot.

And finally we also have the lie about AutoCrypto247 being launched in 2016. You can clearly see that the website was launched only in August 2017. That’s it for the proofs.

How it really works

The true purpose of Auto Crypto 247 is to make you sign up and deposit with an unregulated broker (Option888). The reason is that people who run this scam are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors.

If you do it, the robot will lose your money in trading, because it cannot trade profitably. And you will never get your money back. End of story.


AutoCrypto247 is just another scam made to lose your money with a crappy software, stay away from it!

If you want to see how real money can be made in trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you have to learn and build a profitable strategy, before you can switch to trading with real money. This is how it really works.

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