FRAUD ALERT: Insured Trading review

insured-tradingIn this Insured Trading review we prove that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Oliver Breitner.

In the Insured Trading presentation you can hear that you can get access to a binary options trading software that will make you $750 per hour or $540,000 per month.

The Insured Trading algorithm allegedly analyses billions of market variables in a millionth of a second, therefore it makes the most accurate trading decisions.

And Breitner says that you can get the Insured Trading software for free.

Insured Trading scam

insured-tradingInsured Trading is in fact a recycled binary options scam that we have first seen five months ago under the name of Insured Outcome.

And if you carefully look at the Insured Trading website, you’ll see that the old name remained at some places. In our first review we have proved that it is a scam, but let’s look at some new proofs.


testimonialScammers are faking testimonials, in their videos they use paid actors and stock or stolen photos. With Insured Trading they made a typical mistake that can happen when you fake testimonials.

Look at the picture on the right, they used the same photo with two different names and stories about trading results.


Breitner says that with Insured Trading you cannot lose a single trade. This statement alone guarantees that it is a scam. There is no trading system in this world that has no losing trades in financial markets. This is a fact.


softwareWe had a look at the Insured Trading software to see what it is about. And the typical scam element was here.

You cannot start using the app until you deposit money with a broker that you cannot choose.

Now let us explain how it really works.

The truth

Scammers that created Insured Trading are affiliated with some unregulated brokers that will pay them for every new depositing client they refer.

Now you can see what is the purpose of this scam. Scammers will earn an affiliate commission if you open an account with their broker and deposit money through their software.

Their crappy software will then lose your money in trading, but scammers won’t care a bit, because they will already have earned their commission on you.


Insured Trading is just a rebranded scam that si very dangerous, it will lose your money, it is not free to use.

If you want to see how binary trading really works and how you can really make money, try a free demo account where you will be able to learn everything you need.

You should start trading with real money only when you are able to trade profitably on the demo.

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