FSMA warns against 14 new crypto scams

The Belgian financial regulator FSMA has found new crypto scams that make people lose money.

While ESMA and other European regulators focus on banning and restricting regulated binary options and CFD trading, scammers are abusing cryptocurrencies and don’t really care.

It shows that the problem is never the trading instrument or asset, but the fact that scammers are capable to abuse anything and that there is still a lot of people with not enough financial education, and therefore easy to scam.

Here are the latest additions to the FSMA’s blacklist of crypto scams:

  • ajassetmanagement.com – AJ Asset Management
  • cabinet-finsbury.com – Cabinet Finsbury
  • capital-coventry.com – Capital Coventry
  • capital-secure.com – Capital Secure
  • capitalmarketing-internationalltd.com – Capital Marketing International
  • cashlesspaygroup.com – Cashless Pay Group
  • cobber-finance.com – Cobber Finance
  • conseil-premium.com – Conseil Premium
  • cryptomonaies.com – Cryptomonnaies
  • direct-ep.com – Direct EP
  • epargnecapital.com – Epargne Capital
  • gbe-capital.com – GBE Capital
  • moneo-invest.com – Moneo Invest
  • phoenix-gm.com – Phoenix GM

All these scams promise easy, fast and big profits, but the final result with them is always a loss of capital.

For trading use regulated brokers.