FSMA warns against 20 crypto trading websites

FSMA, the financial regulator from Belgium, has put together a list of 20 crypto trading websites that are scamming their clients.

Ether Invest websiteThe list is based on complaints from real clients that the FSMA received. The list does not necessary contain all websites of the same nature.

These crypto trading websites mostly offer trading with cryptocurrencies, but they are not regulated and once you deposit money, you will never be able to withdraw it or get any cryptocurrencies in return.

Judging by the design of these websites it seems they were built by the same person, so this is probably a giant scam orchestrated by one person or one group of people.

Here is the list of crypto websites that are scamming their clients:

  • 01crypto.net
  • btc-cap.com
  • capital-coins.com
  • coinquick.net
  • cryptavenir.com
  • crypto-banque.com
  • crypto-infos.com
  • cryptos.solutions
  • cryptos-currency.com
  • ether-invest.com
  • eurocryptopro.com
  • finance-mag.info
  • gme-crypto.com
  • gmtcrypto.com
  • gmt-crypto.com
  • good-crypto.com
  • mycrypto24.com
  • nettocrypto.com
  • patrimoinecrypto.com
  • ydconsultant.com

Their names are: 01Crypto, BTC Cap, Capital Coins Coinquick, Cryptavenir, Crypto Banque, Crypto Infos, Cryptos Currency, Cryptos Solutions, Ether Invest, Euro Crypto Pro, Finance Mag, GME Crypto, GMT Crypto, MyCrypto24, Netto Crypto, Patrimoine Crypto, YDconsultant.