FSMA warns against 28 scam crypto platforms

The Belgian financial regulator FSMA has identified new crypto trading and investment platforms that are worth avoiding.

The FSMA said that it is getting a lot of complaints from people about various cryptocurrencies platforms. Based on these complaints the regulator put together the following list of problematic platforms:

  • 1st Cryptobank: 1st-cryptobank.com
  • Bitc International: bitc-international.com
  • Bourse Bitcoin: boursebitcoin.com
  • CCG Investment: ccg-investment.com
  • Crown Managers: crownmanagers.com
  • BND Group: crypto.bnd-group.com
  • Crypto Access: crypto-access.com
  • Crypto France Captital: cryptofrancecapital.com
  • Cryptorama Bank: cryptorama-bank.com
  • Cryptos Marketplace: cryptos-marketplace.com
  • Crypto Wallet 24: cryptowallet24.com
  • E-cryptoney: e-cryptoney.com
  • E-crypto International: ecrypto-international.com
  • E-Markets Trade: emarketstrade.com
  • Executive Crypto: executivecrypto.com
  • Fair Oaks Crypto: fair-oakscrypto.com
  • Fast Coin: fast-coin.eu
  • Global Markets Group: globalmarkets-group.com
  • LDC Crypto: ldc-crypto-com
  • LGS Invest Partners: lgsinvestpartners.com
  • London Exchange: london-exchange.com
  • Mined E-crypto: minedecrypto.com
  • Mondial Investment: mondial-investissement.com
  • Placement Crypto: placementcrypto.com
  • Prime Crypto Bank: primecryptobank.com
  • True Trade Capital: truetrade-capital.com
  • Vechain Wallet: vechain-wallet.com
  • Wallet Coins: wallet-coins.com

These platforms will often promise easy money with crypto, but in the end they just take deposits and that’s all.

For crypto trading use only regulated platforms.