FSMA warns against new boiler room scams

The Belgian financial regulator FSMA has identified six new investment scams.

Boiler rooms are scams that contact people often in an unsolicited way and offer them investments in different assets.

But these investments are fictitious or made with worthless assets. In any case the end result is always a loss.

FSMA has recently identified the following scams of this kind:

  • Burton Mills (www.burtonmills.com)
  • Hollis Kookmin Financial (www.hkfglobal.com)
  • Lambert & Sons Incorporated (www.lambert-incorporated.com)
  • Loeb Benson (www.loeb-benson.com)
  • Meadows Financial (www.meadowsfinancial.com)
  • Schalom and Gerson (www.schalomandgerson.com)

These companies are of course not regulated.

2 thoughts on “FSMA warns against new boiler room scams

  1. Same as Asthon Whiteley with EA stock. Unfortunately I fell for it. Never heared of boilerroomscams before.
    I have payed the price.

  2. Very interesting information. Loeb Benson just tried to offer me a deal with Nvidia shares. Stock price to buy: 208 USD instead of 249 USD, minimum 25 shares, maximum 200 shares. Fees: 1% each for buying/selling,Additional commission for the agent is asked for! Very long and very interesting calls. The agents are well trained, have a lot of psychological knowledge. Had fun to discuss with them, but don´t buy anything!

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