FSMA warns against new boiler rooms

The Belgian financial regulator has identified six new scams that work like boiler rooms.

Boiler rooms are unauthorized investment companies that offer investments in an unsolicited way, moreover in reality they don’t invest clients’ money, they just keep it.

The boiler rooms that the FSMA has warned about are:

  • Asahi Marusan Management (ammsecurities.com)
  • Cruzinvest.uk / Publicprivatebank.com (www.cruzinvest.uk / www.publicprivatebank.com)
  • Kangyo Yokohama Securities (www.kysecurities)
  • Shinsei Securities (www.shinseisecurities.com)
  • Sumitomo Gunma Holdings (www.sghtrading.com)
  • Yamaguchi Laurentian Securities (www.ylsinternational.com)

For trading use regulated entities only.