FUNNY SCAM – Binadroid 2 review

Binadroid2 websiteThis review of Binadroid 2 is a serious warning about a binary options scam. It is presented by Troy Everett.

Everett says that he worked in the financial sector for 15 years. During that time he developed a binary options trading robot that he later took away with him and called it Binadroid. Now he is presenting a new, improved version called Binadroid2.

Everett claims that now Binadroid 2 is free, but very soon will be sold for $2,500 dollars.

BinaDroid2 scam

Troy Everett scammerWhen seeing the Binadroid 2 presentation we really had a good laugh. So come and laugh with us.

In our Binadroid review we proved that it is a scam and now we have here Binadroid 2. The first funny thing is that Troy Everett doesn’t look the same and you can hear from him that paid actors are used to play different roles.

You can be sure that this time it is again a paid actor, because Troy Everett is a fictitious character.

Real results and testimonials

Binadroid2 softwareAccording to Everett Binadroid 1 has a 80 % win ratio. If this was true for this free software, all media over the world would be talking about this software. Yet the only places where you can find something about Binadroid are binary options web sites like ours.

The major problem is that there is a network of fake review web sites that are affiliated with Binadroid and they are endorsing it. They even present faked video with fake results! If you want to know what real results of Binadroid are, you can read authentic comments and testimonials under our Binadroid 1 review. People are losing money with it.

So a 92% win ratio of Binadroid 2 is a fairy tale. Results will be the same here, which means losses. Beware of fake reviews of Binadroid 2, the majority of binary options reviews are fake. Our site is probably the only one that exposes all scams honestly without exceptions.

Not free – the truth

Everett tells again the same BS story, Binadroid 2 is free, but it will be sold for $2,500. Here we had another good laugh, the same thing was said with Binadroid 1 and guess what, it still is and will always be free.

Binadroid 2 will also be always free (with a certain condition, see below). Because it is a piece of crap designed to lose your money. The real purpose of this software is to make you sign up and deposit money with a selected broker, because it will earn an affiliate commission to these scammers. This is the only reason they are doing all this.

They are living on commissions from unscrupulous brokers that accept new depositing clients introduced by scammers. This is why Binadroid 2 can be and is a losing software. As you won’t be allowed to use it until you deposit money with a certain broker, you will realise what it’s worth only when you lose your deposit. At that time scammers will have their commission from their broker, so they won’t care at all, it will be too late for you.

Binabot v2

Binadroid 2 is now also being promoted as Binabot v2, so beware, it is the same scam.


Let’s close this Binadroid 2 review this way: It is a dangerous scam that can only lose your money, so we urge you to stay away from it.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account. Then you will see, risk free, if it is something you could succeed in.

To make money you need to build a proper trading strategy. Only then you can start trading for real profits with your own money.

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7 thoughts on “FUNNY SCAM – Binadroid 2 review

  1. Hi traders, I am mayowa from Nigeria. The truth remains that ‘there is absolutely no legit auto trading software out there’. I opened an account with binary option and made a deposit of $200 n before I know all my money was wiped off from my account with o% win rate. My advice would be that if u like to invest in binaryOption then take ur time to learn a strategy n know it well before u go into it.

    I will like to see a review on Google trader and ice9 and thanks.

  2. Good day John
    If I do not want to do manual trading..which auto binary robot out there CAN be trusted? I’m not expecting to make tons of money..I just dont want to lose my investment.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Daniel, unfortunately I don’t know about any binary robot that can be trusted, I believe that all robots are scams.

  3. on looking at there website (Binabotv2) they allowed me to use iq options with a deposit of $10 and free demo
    acc. So unsure, need more info.
    Thanks for your report.

    1. Please take a proof (sreenshot) and send it to IQ Option, they will ban Binabot, because this is what IQ Option does with scammers.

  4. Thank you. This the only review site ive found that debunked this garbage binadroid. Posted my losing results on many other sites….hahaha they wont allow my posts.

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