FUNNY SCAM: Bitcoin Wealth review

Bitcoin Wealth webIn this review of Bitcoin Wealth we show that this trading program of Max Carney is a scam.

Carney claims that he helps people to become millionaires and that he is doing that through cryptocurrencies. He uses the Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO.

For this purpose Carney created Bitcoin Wealth, which is a trading system that allegedly can make you a millionaire within one year.

And because Bitcoin Wealth is free, you allegedly can become a millionaire for free. Is it true?

Bitcoin Wealth scam

In reality Bitcoin Wealth is just a clone of the Crypto Wealth scam that we reviewed a few days ago. Carney is a scam artist that wants to get your money.

Max Carney is a scammer

Max Carney scam artistAs we have already proven in our previous review, Carney is not the real name of the guy you seen in the video.

He is an actor who is playing roles in different scams. For example one of his past names is Martin Saunders. Check our picture to see the proof.

So this person is not a trader or anything similar, he is just an actor who supports scams for money. He is just telling you a fictitious story that is in the script.

Fabricated testimonials

Testimonials are fakeIn the Bitcoin Wealth video you will see several actors. In fact all people are. So the testimonials are fake, because they are made with paid actors.

And we don’t even have to go and search for them, because you just have to read the risk disclaimer on the Bitcoin Wealth website to see that the video is fictitious and that paid actors have been used.

Losing software

The losing robotAnd the final piece of this scam is the trading software. It of course is not anything unique, it is a software put together by scammers. There are lots of scams based on this same software.

Look at our picture to see some examples, like Maximus Edge Autobot and MTsoft.

We get a lot of feedback about this software from real users, so we know for sure that this software is losing money in real trading!

The truth

Finally let us explain how Bitcoin Wealth really works. After registering you will be pushed to deposit money with a broker that is not regulated, it will be dictated upon you. As you can see, the software is not free, because it won’t get activated until you deposit.

The reason is that scammers who run Bitcoin Wealth are getting paid by the broker for referring new depositors. That is their business, this is how they earn money. Now you know that if you deposit money through their program, you will lose it.


Bitcoin Wealth is a scam that abuses cryptocurrencies. It will make you deposit with a shady broker and lose your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to try trading to see how money can really be made, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You first have to build a profitable strategy in testing, before you can start trading with real money.

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