FUNNY SCAM: WikiTrader – review

wiki traderIn this review of WikiTrader we prove that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Kelly Wallace.

Wallace claims to be the woman behind Wiki Trader, which is a binary options trading software that is allegedly making $8,600 per month to every user. And the profits are growing, so you can allegedly become a millionaire within one year.

And because becoming a millionaire is free nowadays, you can get access to WikiTrader for free.

Wiki Trader scam

The reality of course is that WikiTrader is a scam and Kelly Wallace a scam artist. We can start with the logos used by this program, WikiTrader is not a BBB Accredited Business, so they are fraudulently using the BBB seal.

Kelly Wallace

kelly wallaceKelly Wallace is an actress and professional scammer. We have already seen her two years ago in the infamous Quick Cash System scam, back then she called herself Sarah Markel.

Look at the picture, she has made some changes to her look, but it is her. Her presence is a guarantee that WikiTrader is a scam.


testimonialsOn the Wiki Trader webpage you will see some testimonials. Pictures of people and stories about how much money they make with this system.

But they are all fake, stolen photos were used. Look at the picture to see the proofs, these people have no idea that their faces are being used for this program.

WikiTrader losing software

wikitrader softwareFinally we also had a look at the WikiTrader app that is supposed to trade binary options on your behalf and make you money.

What we have discovered is a very well-known scam app offered by scammers only. Look at the picture on the right to see the proof. You will see three other scams that use the exact same app, like SnapCash Binary for example

This software is losing money in real trading, we know it for a fact from real users!

How it really works

So does WikiTrader really work? It is very simple, the only purpose is to make you open a trading account and deposit money with an unregulated broker.

It is because scammers are getting paid for referring new depositing clients to this broker, this is how they make money.

If you sign up for WikiTrader and deposit money with their unregulated broker, the software will lose your deposit, because it cannot trade profitably.


WikiTrader is a funny scam that is designed to lose your deposit that you will have to make with an unregulated broker. So stay away from it!

If you want to see how you can really make money with binary options, open a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn how to trade profitably and then you can start trading with real money.

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10 thoughts on “FUNNY SCAM: WikiTrader – review

  1. Hi John,
    Good work and keep it up, however, I have made a bit of money with wiki trader not a huge amount but enough for me. From my initial deposit of $300 in November 2016, I have withdrawn $800 after Christmas and two weeks back I withdrew another $900. Now today my account balance is up to $1930.20 so a nice bit of cash for me. I only trade relative small amounts $50 to $75 max as I am only in it as a small pension. In saying that every time I withdraw the kids and my grand daughter seem to be getting it. Anyway just a heads up for you that’s all, keep up the good work of catching these scammers the internet is crawling with them.

    Thanks David North.

    1. Thanks for the fake review, you liar. Wikitrader is such a scam that it is even blocked by Internet security software like Eset! Contact Eset and ask them why, they will tell you that it is a proven scam.

  2. hello everyone…don’t listen to him!!!…wiki trader is an incredible software that makes $$$…not sure what the guy is smoking the one who created this blog…wt is a legit software 100% !!!!!

  3. hi will you help me to tell about iqoption.i lost 600$ there but that was my mistake i took wrong trades and in meanwhile i also withdraw 150$.withdrawl was suceesfull and in hesitation is this that can i trust them for huge investment and can i withdraw big profit from there as i did 150$ from,for my experince with iqoption is to invest more money which others brokers do when you signup with them.i am loking for your advise regarding this

    1. Hi, IQ Option is a regulated broker and we hear no complaints about them. There should be no problems at all.

  4. Hello ,
    I don’t know what to believe. You mention that Wikitrader is a scam. Yesterday I received a mail from Binary Options Watch Dog that ikitrader is 100% scam-free software. !
    So , if I can’t believe Binary Options Watch Dog , who I have to believe ?
    Many thanks in advance.
    Prosper Dierick

  5. It’s funny how they always use the same offices when they record the videos also that part where she is in front of the lift looks awfully familiar almost like I seen it in the centument2.0 scam lolol. Also that women with the red hair in the reception fest looks very familiar too another scam dunno if you recognised her she was from another scam called fast cash biz she was apparently one of the designers and millionaires from it. But now she works on a reception desk she must have lost all them millions she earned with that supposedly amazing never losing software loololl. Please no one fall for this despicable software and right before xmas too its so disheartening ppl are actually this scummy

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