GARBAGE SCAM: Trend Mystery review

Trend Mystery official websiteIn this review we present proofs that Trend Mystery of Karl Dittman is a scam.

Trend Mystery is a trading software that generates Forex trading signals. If you execute them on your account, you allegedly will make money.

According to Dittman, the signals are “highly profitable”. The software costs $147. Is it worth it?

Trend Mystery scam

Unfortunately, Trend Mystery is just a scam that can only lose your money. The software is a piece of crap.

Karl Dittman is a scammer

Karl DittmanThe name Karl Dittman is well-known in this space, because he keeps flooding the market with new trading systems. The problem is that none of them works.

And Ditmann knows it. He does not even bother to create new presentations, it’s all the same. Plus, Dittman in fact does not even exist, it is a fictitious character. Check our picture to see a proof.

Copycat scam

A cloned scamAs we already mentioned, Dittman keeps creating new trading systems, but they all are the same. As you can see on our picture, Trend Mystery is just a new name for the same crap, in the past it was called Scalping Detector, Fibo Quantum or FX Atom Pro.

The way signals are generated might slightly differ, but they never work, because Trend Mystery is a scam.

The truth

Do you want to know how Dittman makes money? He sells his losing software for money and he knows that not all people will ask for a refund.

Everybody will see that his Trend Mystery software is losing, but not everybody will make the effort to ask for a refund. And this is how these scammers make money.


Trend Mystery is a scam from an infamous scammer. Stay away from it!

No software that cost a few bucks will make you rich. If you are serious about trading, learn and practice on a demo account until you manage to build a profitable strategy.

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