GIANT SCAM CHAIN: FXtradexpert, 360CryptoFX, CryptoSmart FX…

Fxtradexpert scamIn this review we expose one big network of investment scams that all have the same background.

We’ve been exposing investment scams for five years and this review stands out. We’ve uncovered 84 investment websites that are scams and seem to be tied in one network.

All the following websites offer investment plans with big returns, typically tens of percent after a few days. The difference between them is that some pretend to invest into cryptocurrencies, some into stocks, some into Forex, etc.

But the reality is that these websites are all scams, no real investing is going on. They use just a few different website templates, so a lot of them actually look the same, see our picture.

List of scams

  • The same scamFxtradexpert
  • 360CryptoFX
  • CryptoSmart FX
  • CryptoStack FX
  • 24CryptoFX
  • 247CryptoFX
  • 247 CryptoMarket
  • My Crypto Invests
  • FxBitTrade
  • Trade FX Smart
  • 24 StockTradeOptions
  • KryptoSmart247
  • IndexCryptoMarket
  • LuxuryClicks
  • Money Minning
  • UKEarnMoney
  • Crypto Investors
  • Finance Clicks
  • Harvhub Investment
  • Global Coin Pay
  • Clickz Earn
  • CryptoLux
  • Forex and Bitcoin Investment Trading Company
  • LifeCash
  • eDinar Miner
  • SecurePlan
  • Etree BTC
  • GoldenCoin Invest
  • Paratap
  • ExploreBitcoin Mining
  • CPA Work
  • Coinarena Trade
  • Invest Club
  • Crypt247Options
  • CronLab PTC
  • BTC Clicks Pro BTC
  • Crypto TradeRush
  • Genex3rd
  • MountenBit
  • Mining Tera
  • 1Click Earn
  • Reach Investment Club
  • E-Trading Zone
  • CoinHashMine
  • Mind Aims
  • Royal Funders
  • Profitals Investment
  • My Invest Bit
  • Taiga Asset Management
  • RCC Coin
  • Geo Crypto Mining
  • I-Tech ProfitFX
  • MyCashEarn
  • BitCreed PTC
  • IncomeBD24
  • 24Crypto Revolutions
  • Stakerz
  • Mobbi Money
  • Accfx Invest System
  • UpTimeWork
  • Cryptozer Hybrid Mining
  • CastorView
  • Hash24 Miner
  • BitxOption Investment Platform
  • Paid To Pay (p2p)
  • DailyPay71
  • Explicit Mining
  • Crypto MIMO
  • MiningYourCoins
  • AYraxtrade
  • Crypto InvestLinks
  • Bitcoin Binary Option
  • AsoglobalTMC PTC
  • TrustFund Global
  • Netwealth Invest
  • MegaCashIT
  • Risecoin Site
  • Procoinhub
  • Crypto-Ballor
  • Crypto25
  • Muddy Media
  • Nexio Ads
  • Kryptex Mining
  • Binary Coin
  • EgTrustCapital

Not regulated, illegal operations

Not regulatedSome of these websites say that they are run by companies registered in the UK. But it is not true. The registration numbers they show are either non-existent or belong to some other non-related company.

What is even more important, none the above-mentioned website is registered with the FCA to provide investment services, which confirms they are not authorized to offer any kind of investment services.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are fakeScam website will often show testimonials from happy customers that are supposed to convince you that the system works. Sites from our list show testimonials and reviews, but they are all fake.

Look at the proof on our picture, they use stock photos with made up stories.

Don’t deposit

The best thing you can do not to lose money with these scams, is not to send them any money. If you already did, don’t deposit more, even if they tell you that you have in order to be allowed to withdraw money.

Scammers will find all sort of excuses for not paying you and all sorts of nonsenses why you have to deposit more.  But they will never let you withdraw anything. Well, in some cases they might let you withdraw a small amount to convince you to deposit a much bigger amount. And once you do it, your money is lost forever.


All the website from our long list above are scams, illegal investment schemes that you have to avoid!

If you are interested in making money in real trading, first try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it works.

On the demo you can build a profitable strategy. Only when you have it and understand the risks you can switch to trading with real money.

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41 thoughts on “GIANT SCAM CHAIN: FXtradexpert, 360CryptoFX, CryptoSmart FX…

  1. Company name Fxcompresscrypto . Website is a big fraud and SCAM . They looted money from me. BTC Scam . Don’t deposit and don’t pay for any of their bullshit .

  2. kings cypto trading is a scam. They just scammed me out of $300 in bitcoins. there website is KINGSCRYPTOTRADING.COM they’re from Nigeria. Be careful of them.

    1. Hi, FXtradechain shows fake testimonials and a fake team, it is an anonymous service.
      Kings Crypto Trading is an unregulated broker. And anonymous too.
      I would stay away from them.

    1. JANET- Just wondering if you were ever able to withdraw any funds? I am in the same situation and ran into this website

    1. It is not regulated, I see no terms and conditions, profits up to 84% daily? Yeah, it is a scam, stay away from it.

  3. Hallo, i was a victim of the local “senior trader” name is currently at instagram with the name

    markkelvin19888! you should be warned!!!!!

    i brandmark this person because he has stolen about 3000 EUR from me!

    i called the local police and the fbi and scotland yard. why? because the side was registered in the UK and it was only like an “electric car selling firm” maybe not real.the broker has many selfpics of himself. he look like a person of thurst but he isn´t!!!!

    WARNING FOR: markkelvin19888 at instagram!!!

    when i get you man,you will loose all your teeth you have in your mouth, i am hunting you!!!

    my name is not important but one time,he get in the grid!!!

    the internetside i visited actually is taken out of the net. but i have many screenshot data and writing correnspondence with that person!!!

        1. Because 100% returns in less than one day are impossible in any legit business. Ask your national financial regulator about it, you don’t have to trust me.

      1. Is a scam?
        They ask for deposit in order to withdraw your profit. Unfortunately I smelled the rat too late! Don’t invest in any telegram group offering great returns and no information to back up anything. Stupid me

  4. Perfect money com and Binary Option withheld my money, told me to provide valid ID through mail I did but no response from them. I believe strongly that they are scam. A friend deceived me to invest in Razzleton plat form I did and they took both the capital and the income in BITCION really something is telling that all the inline investments are Scan.

  5. Is Coin Arena Trade a scam? I have been offered employment by them for an unbelievable amount of money. The amount they offer is what made me think I should run in the opposite direction. Please advise.

    1. Coin Arena Trade doesn’t look legit. They say they are based and authorized in the US, but they provide an address in Canada. It doesn’t seem they are regulated at all. I don’t see any offer, just “up to 10%”, but I would stay away. You can check it with the financial regulator in your country.

    1. It is not clear what is their offer, but it looks it’s a scam, because they promise “risk free returns” and investing is never risk free. Plus there is their affiliate program, the fact they are not authorized to provide investment services, etc.

  6. I would like to know the reviews or complaints on Indexcryptomarket, is it legit or scam?

  7. Thank you. I lost some money, but after reading this I was able to stop the bleeding. They wanted a 15% fee in order to “Withdraw” some of my balance.. After I read this article, it was clear that I was a sucked in to a scam.. I never will invest in bitcoin mining, unless I am the one actually mining it myself. Please, anyone, do not invest in I see that Explicit is on this list, and wish that I would have researched more before I put in some money.

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