Golden Key Pro, Obsbit, Royal Crypto Banc and others on regulators’ black lists

Financial regulators from Spain a New Zealand have alerted the public about activities of several unregulated entities.

The following brokers are offering Forex and cryptocurrencies trading. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is indirect trading via CFDs (contracts for difference).

However, these brokers are not regulated, they have no authorization to provide this kind of services. This is why the CNMV of Spain, respectively the FMA of New Zealand, have placed them on their black lists.

  • Golden Key Pro
  • Royal Crypto Banc
  • Lockwood Investments
  • Obsbit
  • FX Trading Corporation
  • Alliance Investment Limited

For trading use regulated brokers.

2 thoughts on “Golden Key Pro, Obsbit, Royal Crypto Banc and others on regulators’ black lists

  1. obsBIT ,KAYAFX, KontoFX ,UproFX ,Libra Markets ,Olympia Markets are the same boiler room scam and even run by the same people from the same office be sure to report them to the police and tell your bank to start a chargeback becaus you have been scammed this is the only way if you want to see your money again .
    do not fall for the lies and storys your account manager tells you this company is a scam and this is a fact !!!

  2. they are all scammers do not invest money to an unregulated broker the only one who make money there is the scam broker you will never trick them or make profit by playing this game these people take the money away the minute you send it to them!

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