Greasy SCAM – Bonanza Pro – review

Bonanza Pro websiteThis review is a warning against „Bonanza Pro“ – a binary options signals service.

Bonanza Pro is a signals service that generates over 2800 signals per day and it is free. These signals are based on moving averages and allegedly have earned tons of money to Bonanza Pro users.

Bonanza Pro scam

You have to depositA free binary options signals service that generates tons of money. If you think that it is possible, you believe that people are giving away money for free. But that’s not how this world works, there is no free money.

Bonanza Pro is just a scam that is designed make money on you. How? They push you to make a deposit with their partner broker, because it will earn them an affiliate commission.

They don’t care that their crappy software will then lose your deposit, because they will get paid for making you deposit, that’s all.

This is why you first have to deposit at least $250 with a selected broker, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use Bonanza Pro.

The team

The teamThe entire Bonanza Pro presentation is full of lies. Starting with the team allegedly behind this project, the CEO being Tamer Amari.

Photos were stolen from different sources.

The point is that these people do not exist, some fictitious characters are presented to make you believe that a real team of professionals is behind it. Check the picture on the right.


Fake testimonialsPeople endorsing Bonanza Pro should persuade you that it is the real thing. But again, these testimonials are fake.

Look at the picture, scammers used some stock photos together with fictitious stories and numbers.


Bonanza Pro is a scam that can make you lose money in binary options trading because the signals are worthless.

Those who know how to trade profitably do not share their strategies for obvious reasons. Therefore you have to build your own profitable strategy if you want to make real money, you can do that on a free demo account.

Don’t trust anybody who promises you money but asks you for a deposit first.

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