GREASY SCAM: Crude Profit System – review

crude profit systemIn this Crude Profit System review we show that it is a binary options scam made to lose your money.

In the Crude Profit System presentation you can hear a guy telling a story about him being a former OPEC employee that learned how to trade with crude oil. He automated his approach into a trading system that he called Crude Profit System.

The Crude Profit System can allegedly make you thousands of dollars per day and yes, it is free, because nobody cares if money is not free, right?

Crude Profit System scam

The Crude Profit System story is of course one big fat lie, nothing they tell you is true. This program is here only to make you lose money with a crappy software.


bankIn the video you can see some bank account statements, but they are all fake. If you watch the screenshots carefully, you will notice that the name of the account owner is sort of floating in the air as the video is moving forward.

It proves that the statements have been faked. The numbers are not real.

The software

crudeprofitsystem softwareWe could go on and on with other details that prove that the Crude Profit System is a scam, but to keep this review short we’ll show one undeniable proof.

We tested the Crude Profit System software and what we saw is one of the most used binary options scam software out there.

It is used by scam programs only and it is always the same app, only colors and logos change. Look at the picture to see some other scams that use it, like Electoral Profits and Profits Eternity.

We have a lot of feedback from real users about this software, it is losing money in real trading!

The truth – how it really works

If you are wondering why do scammers bother to give away for free a losing software, the explanation is very simple. People who created the Crude Profit System are affiliated with a certain broker that is paying them for referring new depositing clients.

So you won’t be allowed to use the software until you deposit money with their broker. When you do it, scammers will earn their affiliate commission. And then their app will lose your money in trading.


Crude Profit System is a greasy scam that will force you to deposit money with a selected broker and then lose your deposit, because it cannot trade profitably.

The only person that can trade binary options profitably for you is yourself, nobody will do that for you for free. You can try it on a free demo account.

There you can learn everything you need to become profitable in trading.

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