HARD SCAM: Bitcoin Robot Software review

Bitcoin Robot Software official websiteIn this review we show that Bitcoin Robot Software is a scam that will lose your money.

Bitcoin Robot Software is an automated trading solution for Bitcoin. It allegedly wins up to 90% of all trades, which should make you very profitable and rich pretty quickly.

Oddly enough, Bitcoin Robot Software is free. So, what’s the catch?

Bitcoin Robot Software scam

Fake win rateThe catch is that this system is a scam. Based on the pictures of the trading platform we are pretty positive that it is running on the well-known scam software used for example by Option Robot or more recently by True Profit.

This trading platform has a demo feature that is very dangerous, because it uses fictitious prices to generate fake profits. Don’t trust this software in demo mode, you have to compare the trading results with a regulated broker.

Fake testimonials

Trading results are fakeHere we have a clear proof that Bitcoin Robot Software is a scam. It is showing fake testimonials and trading results.

Check our picture to see that these people are not real users of the systems, their pictures are in fact stock photos.

How it really works

Bad brokersThe true purpose of Bitcoin Robot Software is to make you deposit your money with one of the brokers that these scammers have partnered with.

These brokers are worst of the worst in this industry, like GreenFields Capital or Olsson Capital, they scam people on a massive scale. Once you send them money, you will never get anything back. But scammers who run Bitcoin Robot Software will get their commission from the broker for referring you.


Bitcoin Robot Software is a scam that only wants your money to be sent to a shady broker so that you never see it again. Stay away from it.

If you want to try trading cryptocurrencies for profits, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to learn a lot of things and understand all the risks before you can eventually start trading with real money.

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