HARD SCAM: MP My Pension review

In this review we explain the dangerous MP My Pension scam that was designed to get your money.

MP My Pension reviewMP My Pension (edu-pension.com and possibly other domains) is an investment service. The company allegedly has a professional Forex trading system that makes big profits.

They say you can invest with My Pension and get up to 500% returns after one single hour. Does this sound legitimate?

MP My Pension scam

MP My Pension scamWhen we say that most of the scams can be exposed just with their investment plans, MP My Pension is a perfect example. hundreds of percent in one hour is so absurd that it would be laughable, was it not a scam that is stealing money from people.

No trading system, no business in this world can generate hundreds of percent in profits per hour, it is just impossible in the real world.

When you see an offer like the one from MP My Pension, you can be 100% sure that it is a scam. A scam that was built to take money from people and enrich scammers.

Illegal service

MP My Pension claims two contradictory things, at one place it says it is a British company, at another place it claims to be a Canadian company. Neither of these things is true.

In fact, the British Columbia Securities Commission has even warned that although My Pension claims to be located in Toronto, it is not authorized to provide investment services. It is a company that is breaking the law.

Among other things it means that clients’ deposits are not insured, sending them money would put you at mercy of scammers. So, don’t do it!

Ponzi scheme

MP My Pension obviously is a Ponzi scheme that just collects money from people and does no real business activity.

Or, more probably, it was a Ponzi scheme that has already collapsed, because the interest rates it offers are totally unsustainable even for a scam of this kind.

MP My Pension review conclusion

My Pension is an investment scam that even the regulator BCSC has warned against, stay away from it!

If you want to do financial trading, do it with regulated companies only. And start on a free demo account so that you don’t risk your money straight away.

And remember that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful if you decide to start with real money.

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1 thought on “HARD SCAM: MP My Pension review

  1. Hello, thanks alot for your review site. I am surprised that Edu-pension has been at this game for so long and no one out there has gone to stop them.

    Initially, they were in the U.K, but now they claim they are in Canada. They often shown a link to a very large Bitcoin account. Claiming it belongs to them. I don’t believe it. Anyone that ask for a little to give you 100 000 fold of your investment is obviously one of them.

    Please, let more people who have been scammed come out and give evidence of such scam. It will be much appreciated.

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