HARD SCAM: OptionsKnight review

This OptionsKnight review reveals details of this investment scam that is designed to lose your money.

OptionsKnight reviewOptionsKnight is supposed to be an investment program that will make you money in cryptocurrency trading on autopilot.

The investment program offers up to 12.5% weekly returns. Meanwhile it allegedly is run by an US company called Crystal Finance, so you supposedly are safe.

OptionsKnight scam

OptionsKnight scam planMost of the scams reviews we make are very easy to do, because of the absurd returns that are offered. When you see numbers that are impossible to achieve in the real world, you know you are dealing with a scam.

And Options Knight is no different. 12.5% per week means 50% per month, which is something that the best investment services in the world don’t make. In one year, maybe, but certainly not in one month.

This is why it is easy to state that Options Knight is a scam, there is no other possibility.

How it is run

Options Knight testimonialThe majority of investment scams of this type that we have seen so far work as Ponzi schemes. Our guess in this Options Knight review is that it is the case here too.

It means they will take money through deposits and use this money to pay out some profits. The condition is that more money keeps flowing in than what is flowing out. This usually happens at the beginning and can last for a few days, weeks or in some cases even months.

Then the system runs out of money and collapses. People will be left with empty hands and the knowing that there is no money in the system.

Don’t let them scam you, don’t invest any money with OptionsKnight.

What company

Last but not least, there really is a company called Crystal Finance which is registered in Florida, USA. While it is impossible to know if Options Knight is really run by this company, it does not matter.

Because Crystal Finance is not licensed to provide investment services anyway, so even if it really is behind this service, OptionsKnight still is an illegal investment service which offers no protection for your money.

OptionsKnight review conclusion

OptionsKnight is a scam, there is no real crypto trading going on, just an illegal financial game. Stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine crypto trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Virtual money will allow you to try trading risk free. But remember that with real money there are risks, you can make money, but also lose.

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