HASSLY SCAM: Mutual Hash review

Mutual Hash official webThis review explains that Mutual Hash is a scam, not a real crypto mining service.

Mutual Hash pretends to be a cloud mining service. This means that you pay them for mining power and get the rewards from crypto mining that allegedly takes place.

There are four investment plans with up to 12% par day, meaning 44% net after 12 days, which is roughly 110% per month.

Is this a real opportunity to double your money every month?

Mutual Hash scam

Investment Plans are impossibleNo, Mutual Hash is not a real opportunity to make money, it even is not a real cloud mining service, it’s just a scam.

How do we know it? Because 110% per month is impossible in crypto mining, especially in cloud mining where both the service provider and the client have to make money.

Prices of cryptocurrencies are low, mining difficulty is relatively high, which makes profits very hard. Real cloud mining services are even shutting down because of the current unfavorable market conditions, see for example HashFlare.

This means that anybody promising you 110% in cloud mining is a scammer, there is no other way.

Fake company

Fake companyA lot of crypto scams get a tax registration in the UK to pretend they are real companies. But a tax registration is something that almost anybody can get, it proves nothing.

The Mutual Hash registration shows that the company is just 6 months old with no history. What’s more important, it lacks the FCA authorization to provide investment services, which is a necessary thing. This makes Mutual Hash an illegal service.

How it really works

Mutual Hash is a Ponzi scheme. This means that it is using new deposits to pay withdrawals until the system collapses, which it certainly will, it is only a matter of time.

Ponzi schemes always collapse, the only question is when. So, don’t put your money into it, it can by shut down any time.


Mutual Hash is a scam, it is going to collapse, we just don’t know when. Stay away from it.

Forget about making money in cloud mining, nowadays it is almost impossible. You can try crypto trading instead, see on a free demo account how it works.

But remember that in trading you can both make and lose money, so be careful.

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2 thoughts on “HASSLY SCAM: Mutual Hash review

  1. MH CLOUD LTD, Company number 11135179 to be a scam fraudulent company.
    I have messaged them through their website several times and tried calling them direct, however they ignored all of my attempts of communication. Their telephone number gives a dead tone when called and doesn’t appear to be connected. I requested a withdrawal of my funds totaling $84.78 on 12/09/18 and to date this money has not been deposited. I have now reported this company, please avoid.

  2. Its a scam and I have a 244$ pending withdrawal. They will pay you at first then next time not.. Beware in this site.

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