HEAVY SCAM: Crypto Auto Trade review

In this review you will find reasons why not to invest money with Crypto Auto Trade.

What it is about

Crypto Auto Trade websiteCrypto Auto Trade is an online trading tool that allows you to copy alleged pro traders. The software works on autopilot, so you just have to set it up and it will trade for you automatically.

It means that it can trade for you even while you are not using your computer. The mission of Crypto Auto Trade is to create freedom for traders, so it is supposed to make you profits. Or would you even consider a robot that is meant to lose your money?

Crypto Auto Trade scam

The truth is that Crypto Auto Trade is just another scam that abuses binary options to enrich scammers.

Fake testimonials

Reviews of the program are fakeLet’s start by fake reviews used by Crypto Auto Trade. Fake reviews are a typical scam element and you will find them in this case too.

Look at our picture to see the proof that Crypto Auto Trade fabricated testimonials with stolen or stock photos. These people are not real users of the trading platform.

Not trading cryptocurrencies

Not trading cryptosCrypto Auto Trade is supposed to be about trading cryptocurrencies, which are the hot asset of the moment.

But when you look at trades suggested by the platform, all the trading signals are about fiat currency pairs, none of them is about cryptos!

This shows that besides binary options Crypto Auto Trade is abusing also cryptocurrencies.

How it really works

You have to depositCrypto Auto Trade is an illegal investment advice service. Signals provided by the platform do not originate from pro trades, they are just random signals generated by a piece of software.

After registering you will be pushed to deposit money with an unregulated and scam broker Option500, which we hear a lot of complaints about. The trading software is not free, it won’t work without you depositing the required amount.

If you deposit money through the trading platform, the platform will then trade your account and lose all your money. And scammers who run Crypto Auto Trade will get paid a commission by the broker for referring a new victim. That’s how it works.


Crypto Auto Trade is a scam that will make you lose money with a shady broker and with losing trading signals. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies and/or binary options, try a free demo account with a regulated broker to see if it is something that you could succeed in.

Making money in trading requires learning, patience, time and a profitable strategy. Also remember that trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money.

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