HEAVY SCAM: Hitrez review

In our Hitrez review you will find reasons for not getting involved with this investment scam.

Hitrez reviewHitrez is supposed to be a British company that is active in financial trading, mainly with cryptocurrencies. It uses various techniques to achieve profits.

The company has three investment plans for the public with daily returns between 5% and 10%. The Professional plan should double your money in just 20 days. Really?

Hitrez scam

Hitrez scam planWe often say that the first thing you should look at with any investment opportunity are the plans and returns. Because scams often promise ridiculously high returns, so you can save time when you see a nonsense like with Hitrez.

Because 100% net profits in 20 days, in other words 150% in just one month, is a total nonsense, which automatically means that Hitrez is a scam. Because no legit investment company can achieve these profits, that is a fact.

Now, there are other hints that Hitrez is a scam, but really, just with these numbers you now what you are dealing with and that you should stay away.

Illegal service

Hitrez testimonialAnother important aspect of Hitrez is that it is an illegal investment service. The reason is that it is run by a company located and registered in the UK, which is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services.

You will find a proof on our picture. There is no legal way to offer investment plans without being authorized by the relevant regulator.

How it works

Hitrez is a scam, that is a sure thing. The only question is how exactly it proceeds. It might by a Ponzi scheme, meaning that some initial withdrawal requests might be honored, but then the system will collapse because it creates no value.

Or, it is a simple scam that just steals money. Either way it is something that you should not even consider joining.

Hitrez review conclusion

Hitrez is a 100% scam, an unauthorized investment service that you have to avoid.

There is no way of making 150% monthly on a regular basis, anybody saying otherwise is a scammer. You can see on a trading demo account what profits are really achievable.

But remember, to be profitable in real trading, you need a good strategy and a solid understanding of the risks.

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