HIDDEN SCAM: Aurora Mine review

Aurora Mine companyIn this review of Aurora Mine you will learn that this mining program is a scam that has nothing do to with cryptocurrency mining.

The Aurora Mine presentation says that it is a professional cloud mining solution. In other words Aurora Mine is renting some mining power. You can buy it, let the hardware mine cryptocurrencies and get the profits.

Aurora Mine says you can get up to 16.7% return on your investment daily. Net, because there is no fee. So, is it real?

Aurora Mine scam

Aurora Mine is just another scam that abuses cryptocurrencies, it has nothing to do with real mining.

The team

Company team is fictitiousFirst we investigated about the Aurora Mine company. It really has been registered in the UK, but only in September 2017, which means not even two months ago. So there is no history.

The CEO of the company is Harvey Brown. But on the Aurora Mine website there is a fake photo of him, it belongs to somebody else.

Payments are possible in bitcoins onlyAnd in the case of the CTO they clearly used a stolen photo that belongs to a woman called Samantha Davis. See our picture for proofs.

Aurora Mine is obviously lying about the identity of the people who are allegedly working for the company.

So, we don’t know who really stand behind it, moreover they accept payments only in bitcoins, that are anonymous and irreversible.

Obvious Ponzi scheme

But the biggest problem with Aurora Mine is the returns up to 16.7% daily. This kind of number is simply impossible in real cryptocurrency mining. Period.

Even without the compounding effect it would mean 500% per month and 6000% per year! Only scams promise such returns, unfortunately.

Aurora Mine obviously is a Ponzi scam, where returns are initially paid out from new deposits. And when there is not enough new deposits, the system collapses. There is no real mining going on, it’s just an illegal financial game.


Aurora Mine promises impossible returns, so it obviously is a Ponzi scheme that does not real cryptocurrency mining. Stay away from it!

If you want to see what returns are really possible with cryptocurrencies, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn and try to build a profitable strategy that could later earn you real money.

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160 thoughts on “HIDDEN SCAM: Aurora Mine review

  1. Auroramine seems to be linked to James Wright who recently ran the ecobitcoin.co scam as well and stole more than 11btc. He’s had a history of scamming people since he was 15 years old.

    1. Hi, with 12% daily Laser Online is for sure a Ponzi scheme, there is no other possibility.

  2. Maybe staff of auroramine read this review,i can’t open that website now.. i think that legit website for cloud mining, btw nice review..

  3. They’re too fast as i expected. They know what to do as they steal all of their money. They just wait for the right timing and now it’s happened. Always remember IGNORANCE is a killer when it comes to investing. Scammers is just waiting for your money. When GREED comes, LOGIC comes out. So be careful guys!
    Kudos to you Mr. John Novak

    1. Genesis Mining look legit to me. They are not promising any returns, they just rent mining hardware.

  4. Thank you John but is there a way I can get more information on the demo you talked about

    1. You can try cryptocurrency trading on a demo here. Remember that trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money. So don’t switch to trading with real money until you know what you are doing.

    1. Dreamhash is a scam. And Bitdetector too. Anything promising 10% daily must be a scam, there is no way to get this kind of returns in investing or mining.

  5. As for me i believe aurora is a scam the first time and was thinking it might be longer than 1 month or maybe 3 months but auroras gone too soon so anyway,its just sad,i didnt invest anything though and ive been with aurora on its 2nd day so when i earn thats what i use for them,its just so sad,im use to checking the site when i woke up and before i go to sleep,my husband and i are both sad feels alittle like when jon snow died but not that much well anyways pls keep up the good work of your review,alot of peoples pockets will be save

    1. To me this https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/#/contracts comparison looks serious. As you can see, it is not easy to find something that will be profitable. You have to keep in mind that crypto prices can change and that mining difficulty keeps increasing, so you can never be sure if you will reach any profits. Note: I am not endorsing any of the mining companies mentioned in that comparison, they seem to be legit, but I cannot know how long they will remain in business.

  6. I signed up on 11-09-2017 – then invested $100 on 11-11-2017
    …have cashed out small amounts 3 times successfully – but have been re-investing
    everything since started…got my wife involved and several friends…wish there was some way to find these people.

    1. Hi, it is possible that they were not giving the same BTC address to every client, so they might have received even more.

  7. so unfortunate UK the great Britain is doing to people?

    UK is destroying herself by registering all these scammers as a legit company, defrauding the unsuspecting victims. e.g Auroramine, Bitcoin land Limited, Bitcosmos Limited, these are criminals ans ought to be treated like one, not just scammers

  8. Sh*t dammmm scammer,.. i’ve proven it just right now i was scammed….grrrr , the site is down and my money is lost….fu*k shi*t scammerssssssss

  9. You say guys auroramine legit bcoz u get your full investment. but how about the others late registry and didnt get their full money investment and now. the the site gone,

    1. You never know, it’s possible that nobody got paid. It’s not unusual that scammers come to our discussions to publish fake positive reviews to promote their scams.

        1. Not a scam?! If what you are saying is true, you made money from deposits of new users that are now complaining in this discussion that Aurora Mine closed and is not answering. Money you got is their money, you are part of a scam.

  10. Immediately after I invested on auroramine my account was blacklisted. I didn’t withdraw even once..they don’t reply emails

  11. Hello Guys .
    I m getting daily payout last 4 days how you can say it is a scam. If they don’t pay then you can say.
    but this site auroramine.com is legit for me.

  12. Hai. Friends auroramine is really scam sites
    Do not join this mining sites.it makes you lost
    Your money.I have already face it.be careful.

  13. Today. Aurora Mine has stop paying out. They blamed hackers. The Facebook icon on their website was removed.

    1. So, it’s happened even quicker than we anticipated. Sorry to hear that, but that’s what happens with Ponzi schemes.

  14. after seven times withdrawal, I can not withdraw anymore..I dont know what happened. Who can explain and help.tnx

  15. taking part in this, especially when you get the amount more than what you invested makes you a scammer too. Sadly, I only started to read and later learned about this after investing $120. I only able to get $110 back. I am fortunate to loss only a small amount compared to my friends.

  16. “Aurora Mine promises impossible returns, so it obviously is a Ponzi scheme that does not real cryptocurrency mining. Stay away from it!
    If you want to see what returns are really possible with cryptocurrencies, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.
    On the demo you can learn and try to build a profitable strategy that could later earn you real money.”

    We’re not IDIOT!!!

      1. I just made my first 2$ payout in one day .., Help me choose the right mining btc
        I already invested 35$

  17. I think its not a scam i invested 60 dollars on for five days i manage to get 32 dollars in return so wheres the scam on it…

  18. Great awareness write-up, John. What about MinerWorld? I was convinced to join them but now I’m worried of losing my money.

    1. Mining is barely profitable, anything promising percents per month is very likely a scam.

        1. Hi, if you mean dragonminingsystems.com, it seems they are doing real mining, because for example with their Plan 1 with 135 GH/S for $25 you won’t be profitable if mining bitcoin. And that’s the reality.

  19. Hi I really found this informative and educational an eye opener. thanks for this post.
    How about this website btcstorm.cloud/?
    hopefully you can also check it thanks

  20. Most programs we find are Ponzi in reality , people may lose money in Aurora as well as people lost Much Much bigger amounts in so called rev-shares from highly reputed, apparently super transparent Owners , but at the end of the day, what difference , people lose much bigger money in those so called programs from Big and transparent Owners , while we never saw any sound strong review for those as we see about Auroramine

  21. Aurora Mine launched on 26th September and I joined on 27th September. I invested just about $7 and have earned over $100 at current bitcoin price. So whether Ponzi or not, I have made a sizable profit.I have received my funds directly to my bitcoin wallet. A scam site would normally keep the funds on their site and allow you to withdraw when it reaches a certain threshold. Here it is not so. As long as they are paying, its good for me. There are certain members who are not getting their Transaction ID. However, if that happens, just check blockchain.info and you will find the Hash Key and the amount there and the payment will come to your bitcoin wallet in an hour or two.

    1. Sure, this is why you posted your affiliate link that I had to delete. Really unbiased review. You should realize that by being an affiliate of Aurora Mine you become a scammer too.

  22. This is another scam, they are same with XABO.com, Ethrade.com .. once they collected enough they will collapse 😀 been there, and i agree with you John ..

  23. As long as it is paying I don’t care what they do. For all I care, they can do money laundering.. I’ve been on it since day 3; and have gotten some nice profits. Why not make a review about a banks lending system without having all the actual real cash? Or government scams to keep people in line?! 😂 Better do that. I know it’s a ponzi scheme, and might kne day shut down. I do warn people about it; and advice them not to invest as the risk is really high now. But ai did aome calculations on their profits and they’re payouts it’s about 200:1 ratio

  24. How about? bitcoinvest.de

    I have aurora aswell but i agree its not legit even if it still paying me right now. Its all the risk needed to take

    1. Bitcoinvest.de with 12% monthly? Impossible in real crypto mining. Therefore I believe it’s a Ponzi.

  25. Guys Its very simple. I agree it’s piramide but its up to us. If we diside to take a risk for 10 days we can do it but If someone dont want to do it just ignore. Noone doupt that its legal or lifetime. Its just a matter of risk and right time.

    1. That’s an educated statement. The point of our review is to warn people that Aurora Mine is not about cryptocurrencies mining, but about a financial pyramid that will collapse one day.

      1. I definitely agree with you, John. Your review is helpful and I appreciate it. Good thing I didn’t invest any amount when I signed up for the site 3 days ago. Now I can’t even access it. AURORAMINE is a SCAM.

  26. for now we have been getting profit from it till it closes.about binary option thats is real scam!!!!!!!

  27. Oh Binary options aren’t scams?? You are one to tute your horn. Only play with money you can afford to lose.

    1. No, binary options are a regulated investment tool, just like stocks, futures, CFDs and so on.

  28. aurora == SCAAAAAAAAM
    the CEO BROWN Harvey his birth day is : may 1997, he has 20 years old hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  29. It appears to me that Aurora is taking away business from brokers and investors are controlling their own investmenta getting more. So they are being bitter by flooding the network with claims just because they are not doing it.

    1. Nope, Aurora is just running a Ponzi scheme that will collapse sooner rather than later. That’s how it works. Aurora should not be worried by brokers, but by financial regulators.

  30. This might be a scheme, however I’ve made $2500 after only putting in $300 a few days after launch and invested half of what I made while taking the other half. Yes, I’m a satisfied customer. However, I’ll keep making my profit till the site “begins to fall” or whatever. I made a lot of money so to me this site was a success. Sorry to anyone who is putting in 100000s of dollars and hasn’t received anything.

  31. For me it is generating profits, although I have little that I have invested, but it has generated me gains. While paying is fine.

    1. All Ponzi schemes start by paying. The problem is that nobody knows when they stop. It’s a risky game.

  32. And another proof that it’s scam – in they register documents beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10956583 the nature of the business is “62020 – Information technology consultancy activities” which makes automatically illegal the advertisment of making profit with just putting money over their web site, it’s investment activity which is regulated separately and of course promising hundreeds and thouthands percents of profit per year it’s comparable with drug dealer activity profit!

  33. ok so john what do you suggest we use then for low profit returns from investing bitcoin because i was told about bitconnect as well and that person said they are receiving daily returns for the time being anyway

    1. I’m sorry but I think there is no easy money. Meaning a program that you would invest in and it would generate you regular profits higher than bank deposits. If you have mining power, you don’t share profits with other people. If you have a profitable trading system, you don’t share it or your profits with other people. There is no reason. I believe the only way with cryptos right now is smart investing/trading. You know the saying, buy lows, sell highs. But it is not easy to do. Trading has to be learned and it will always be risky.

  34. How about reminsol.com? They say they are transparent about their mining and that we can track everything on blockchain.info/pools and their bitclub mining pool running live? Is this site also a Ponzi Scheme?

    1. Hi, Real Mining Solutions (RMS) currently offer 1.15% daily. This is extremely high, Ponzi scheme type number. RMS currently claims a hash rate of 7877 PH/s (7.87 EH/s). This would make them the biggest mining pool in the world, however I don’t see them here: https://btc.com/stats/pool They claim to be cooperating with Bitclub, but Bitclub have a way smaller power than 7877 PH/s. And can they prove the cooperation?

      To my knowledge 1.15% daily or 34.5% monthly is impossible in crypto mining, unless you are extremely lucky to be mining a currency that suddenly jumps up in price. But in any way it would not be sustainable in the long term. And check this: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09723964 RMS Accounts Overdue.

  35. Yes..this site…is the ponzi site..aurora mine is paying…..i try iq option before but i loose all my money…..and that is the fact..

    1. You can always risk your money with a scam scheme like Aurora Mine instead of trying a free demo with a regulated broker to build a strategy that will be profitable in the long term. It’s your choice. Aurora Mine will stop paying one day, it’s given by the nature of Ponzi schemes. If you want to play the game and hope that you will make enough before they run with all the money, you can. But anybody considering Aurora Mine should be aware that it is an illegal financial game, not a cryptocurrency mining project.

      1. Most of the aurora mine users try to outsmart the system. Since there is no email verification needed in creating an account, they transfer btc from one aurora account to another arora account. Until one or all of the accounts payout. No investment needed there. Easy money for people who has a lot of time. 🙂

        1. If you don’t mind making money with a scam, it’s your problem, but you should know that all Ponzi schemes stop paying one day. It can be any time.

          1. i couldnt withdraw from auroramine from yesterday , it showed a red square box on top middle of the page.

          2. I just started yesterday and my friend with aurora for 2 weeks. So we decided to withdraw this afternoon. I got mine but my friend it shows that ( website maintenance ). He told me until now its still website maintenance. I just don’t understand.

  36. The application for incorporation lists Harvey Brown aka Robert Hardy aka Cornelius Fudge in the application. Ha!!!

  37. It is SCAM! They provide on the Dashboard, that they have already reached 844 PH/s… With this hash power, they Must Be in the top ten of the mining pools…

    But if you look at the top pools on btc.com, there is no Aurora mine pool there…

    Ok, i had my first withdrawal received in seconds! But I’ll be happy, when my investment returns asap …

  38. This blogs is nonsense- He attack the other, and he concluded the best broker is iqoption, dont fool us, you are ponzi? how can you know the auroramine is ponzi? did you fact check the actual address and location of Auroramine? you are sharing FUD, for your own benefits and interest!

    Aurora Mine promises impossible returns, so it obviously is a Ponzi scheme that does not real cryptocurrency mining. Stay away from it!

    If you want to see what returns are really possible with cryptocurrencies, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

    they want us to try their iqoption broker, hahaha nice try,

    1. Aurora Mine has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining. Do your research and you will see that you won’t even make single percents per month in real mining. We direct people to a free demo so that they can learn how cryptocurrencies really work. On the demo they don’t pay anything, they have nothing to lose, they will only learn. It’s because cryptos are sort of a myth for a lot of people, so they will believe that miracles are possibles in crypto trading or mining, but they are not.

      1. I been with Aurora for 2 days and have made more money in bitcoin then anything I have ever tried

        1. Please educate yoursel about how Ponzi schemes work in order not be disappointed when it stops paying.

  39. very informative. thank you the enlightening us. how about the newly born dreamhash.com? id be glad hearing something from you about it.

    1. they are all the same any of them promising a 10%-16%return are usually down within 30 days of operating so if you want to make any money get in on the ones that are a few days old and get out after around 20 days with a profit i have done many of theese and in profit from doing so but do not invest what you xcan not afford to loose

      1. The problem is when you know that you will make money on newbies that will come too late. It’s a scam and nobody should want to make money in a scam.

        1. Thank you John for the info and educating people it’s a scam. I am very thankful that I never invested my money in aurora even I was invited to join and got an account. Thank you.
          Hey guys!

  40. Wheres my comment you delete because auromine are paying, i think ur the one are scam

  41. As long as it pays, no problem. Its legit for me. Usually those who say is a scam are those people who did not tried the service yet.

    As long as it pays it legit. I dont care how they profit or get their return as long as I can what they say you can. It LEGIT.

    1. You know, Ponzi schemes always fail one day. That day a lot of people will lose a lot of money, especially those who just started with it. If you don’t mind getting profits from a scam scheme, it is up to you, but don’t call it legit, because it is not.

      1. I checked Aurora Mine yesterday and came to the same conclusion. I already informed some people who asked me if this site is safe for investments.
        So I’m really happy to find your reliable report John. Always enjoy your reviews and can only recommend it to follow your conclusions.
        As long as a Ponzi scheme is providing no products as many MLM companies do it is ALWAYS a scam.
        The last level and the levels that are not in profit will pay for the owner who’ll disappear with your investment.
        Always stay safe my friends and never support this crooks.
        Regards Ingo

        1. Thank you for the support. Sometimes it is really difficult to explain it to people, but the reality is that 16% per day is just impossible in any real economic activity. This should be taught in every school. You can be lucky with some investments and make big returns one or a few times, but 16% daily must be a scam, there is absolutely no other possibility.

        2. Yes, they block your access when you attempt to take out your investment portion. They will give you some early withdrawals to make it look good.

      2. I have been on Aurora Mine now for 15 days. I have withdrawn my original investment out to my wallet with 100% success! Plus more!

        If it is a scam, how to you explain that?

        If the site goes down, for whatever reason now, I have made money. I don’t understand how you can call it a scam then.

        1. Please educate yoursel about how Ponzi schemes work in order not be disappointed when it stops paying.

          1. John, He just said he got his initial investment back…So who gives a shit what happens after that?

          2. First of all, we have no way of knowing if he is telling the truth. Aurora Mine is running an affiliate program, so he can be an affiliate or even one of the owners trying to save the reputation of the program. Secondly, even if Aurora Mine is now paying, we do care about the people who might join in the future and lose their entire investments when Aurora stops paying. This is why we need to warn about the true nature of theses illegal financial games.

          3. auroramine.com

            its gone now. according to my friend iwas just updating system.

            we are just waiting for it.

        2. Today Now it’s stop withdrawal when u click on withdrawal some type of red block error are generate….

        3. Kanockpool also pays initially very prompt payment.
          Withdrawals were completed within 1 hour…
          Replies frm emails were done within the day.

          After a month, withdrawals are completed after more than 6 hours, then after which withdrawals were pending , emails were not replied, and without anyone realising, the website gone.

          The company paid initially in less than 3 months company close down. Same goes Auroramine.. they operates similarly.

        4. Yes it is scam. I invested some amount in this company. I withdrawal 4 days continue but after 4 days withdrawal not process. It’s show some error which is not readable. I put many mail in aurora mine but don’t have any reply from company side even they said that service is available 24*7

        5. good for you because at first I can withdraw and now I cant and out of the 100% principal I only manage to get 80% back they wont even answer my emails, so I say this company is a scam and we need to ban this illegal company!

      3. Hi, john i m Aditya from India n i invest many cryptocurrency companies like aurora mining, gainbitcoin, bitmineplus, netleaders dascoin, and many more but i always face problems every where pls guide me genuine mining company who give regular payout in bitcoin

        1. Hi, I’m sorry, but mining cryptocurrencies, at lest the big ones, is barely profitable. Don’t expect to buy some mining power and make money, it’s not real.

      4. Spot on, were about to wright a little about how to think behind all of this but it gt way to messy.

        What you say is spot on… But some are still new to bitcoins and well, dont lik ppl who scam small folks like us…. take big corporations instaid….. but they are way to dumb for that cause this is easy and really doesn’t need much effort put into it….

        Thanks for your gr8 explenations. and hope you guys didn’t lose to much over these posers….

        Take the lesson, and use it.

        A bit headache and hard to focus si have to excuse my messy thing of a comment….

        Take care and dont let things like this get you down or take away your drive to invest….
        crypto is still young, there will be happening alot on all sides in the nearest coiuple of years….. i think….

        No the larger sum will remain in my stock portfolio….. Too much time to find really good investments here right now for me. Takes alot of time to read and keep up with everything there is and prypto is like 5 times faster….

        Ahh got to rest, just typing shit in.
        In all
        Good and thanks for your input.

      1. How typical… Satisfied people look for reviews to say that they are satisfied. Really? You think I will believe that? In our review we proved that Aurora Mine is a scam, so don’t bother.

        1. Was looking for a review about them and bumped into this site. Seriously, you call this a review? You didn’t even try the service to observe if it really delivers. You have a point in proving that they are shady since they used fake photos to make the website legit and that’s a huge hit that they are hiding something plus the fact that the rates are indeed insanely high which is too good to be true. But the thing is, you didn’t bother putting yourself in the other side of the spectrum, you say you “reviewed” them but you didn’t even risk even a minimum investment of $7 just to see if they really pay. Props to you for the facts you stated but your “so-called review” isn’t credible enough. I see people saying they got payed, and you say they might be affiliates or trolls working for the company itself. Well, what if it is real? This is the reason why people look to reviewers, in your case you indeed fact checked the information they provided but didn’t go as far as reviewing the service to prove if they pay or not. Also, in your “review” you even endorsed a broker which is also shady in your part since you just did a poor review of a cloud mining company and endorsed a different service

          1. 1) A lot of illegal businesses pay. But that does not change anything about their true nature and about the fact that people should stay away. Once we know it is illegal, that’s all we need to know and everybody should stay away. No matter if the Ponzi scam is paying now or not.
            2) Aurora Mine already stopped paying, which proves the point of our review.
            3) Aurora Mine is not a mining company, it’s a Ponzi scam scheme, no mining going on.
            4) We recommend only regulated and reputable brokers.

    2. Aurora mine I joined my I’d 291324 balakumari2288 is purchase buy power 14/10/2017 is not receive my I’d bitcoin.is sufficient in transfer in compay account please. Tell me regarding not received Bitcoin

    3. I bought power with Aurora Mine and it is posted as confirming as status. I do check the transaction hash and it’s there but it’s already 24hours and still not posted. And when I check the transaction hash view tramdsaction it shows no transaction on this hash. I sent 5 email to the support email and still no response coming from them. I waited for a reply but suddenly can’t withdraw my initial payout. Do the support email is real or fake?

      1. Auroramine just shutted down all its accounts yesterday because theyre a scam, im one of the may people who invested in it and i cant get anymore withdrawals. I wish i have found this review site earlier so im warned😞

        1. it was completely obvious that this was a scam. you were greedy and didn’t even check if a return of 100% every 10 days was possible at all.

      2. you and I or probably alot os us had been duped this is crazy we need to take this company down!

    4. hi bro
      they are showing minimum withdrawal but not showing maximum withdrawal its coming 20 usd only per24 hrs we dont have to withdraw more than 20 usd per day

      1. I Invested $800 on 22nd Oct and 23rd OCT they shut down… FULLY SCAM… It my Fault not to read the comments before investing…

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